I’ve been waiting for my presents to turn up under the tree….yet, nothing…. it’s probably due to the fact that I’m waiting under a pokok kelapa instead of the usual pine tree…ok..aku merepek just now actually..took me 2 minutes to think of an intro sentence.. so wat better way to start than by making something schtoopid up and be random~ weheheeey~ see… I managed to write about 5 lines with my ‘omong kosong’… anyways.. i actually just got back from dinner with my brothers… right after, well.. honestly mati akal wah… didn’t knw where else to go..~ wow the beauty of Brunei.. eat eat eat… and then.. uuuhh.. the hardest part, thinking of where and what to do next other than go straight home … so i figured.. why not go to the Empire and check out the ‘winter wonderland’ and what the whole fuss was about…. so we got there… it was pretty packed with people taking pictures… there was also this white dude with a guitar singing along to traditional Christmas tunes… wonder how much he gets paid for doing it…. urg putih mana lagi durang putik atu…~ I won’t lie tho.. I was tapping my feet and singing along to Jingle Bell Rock in a very mousy voice for a second there.. hahhaa.. so yea.. there we were going around The Empire which I honestly haven’t done… I mean, I’ve been to The Empire to pee or for a bit of golf… but that’s pretty much it.. I’ve never reallly SEEN The Empire like I did tonight and moreover we were treated with a tour using the resort buggy….so it was cool….. and it just amazes me that the resort is actually IN Brunei.. I mean I still get goosebumbs looking at the huge atrium… it’s so… *sniff* purty~ and such a great place to bring along your spethal someone….haha… but seriously, it is… I mean yes, AMEDEO “unwisely” used a lot of money for their projects… one of them being The Empire itself… but then again, without such projects.. we wouldn’t have The Empire to be proud about… so putting aside the ‘finance’ issue.. kudos for those responsible for making one heck of a kick ass Empire…..






ai sasak ku eh.. i ‘stole’ these pictures from marha’s blog..inda ku ‘duli.. hahaha.. so as i was saying.. eh boreeeng! udah ku nada ada tia one big ass x-mas tree d brisbane atu!

Autobots Transform!

Ok… i didn’t really mind the flames on Optimus… but honestly speaking, the leaked pictures of him were just plain crap and scrawny-like…. I mean, he’s supposed to be the leader of the Autobots damnit! Even Bumblebee looked more bad ass.. But after finally seeing the final design of Optimus, I take it all back…. here’s a first exclusive look at the final OPTIMUS PRIME courtesy of Empire magazine…now we’re talkin’ baby


Japanese Confessions Microphone


If you ever borrowed your best friend’s boxers without telling them or snuck into the girls locker room and wish to confess… here’s your chance.. This is the Mosaic Show a digital voice changing mic with a clear panel attached to censor your eyes…Go ahead and tell the world how much of an asshole you are while preserving anonymity (wow, the eye cenconsoring panel must really work huh? haha)… It even makes beeping and moaning sound effects in case you want to block out swear words or reenact that *ooh la la* moment you had with your (married) secretary…

courtesy of TokyoMongo

Kryptonite This You Moth…..

Remember how in my previous post I said that this picture annoyed the heck out of me and that i felt like knocking those teeth out.. soooo, unfortunately for him I…..well, see for yourself… tee hee hee~



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