..that was always meant

aloooo~ jst got back from dinner at my cuz tonight..enaaaak and kenyang~ Alhamdulilah.. but I’ll be hungry again iiiiinn~ let’s see.. probbly by the time i finish today’s post… so anyways… whats been happenin in a day in the life of Mohd Ashady..well, Ka’Damoi called me this afternoon to take me makan2~ her treat~ and i never turn down free food.. hahaha~ it was the usual ‘meet up with mamoi’ session lah~ with the laughter, talking etc… inda sah nada the Ka’Damoi laugh…. haha..so anyways, aftr meeting up w/ mamoi today.. I’m thinking of getting together the Centros and maybe some of the ex/current Brisbane-ians?…maybe a bbq for old time sake? or shisha maybe? don’t knw, this is still in the angan2 stage really….



It’s been rumored that Dubai-based real estate developer Omniyat Properties is going to build a $800 million, 23 story building that’s “inspired” by the iPod. The structure—which will definitely have iPod docks in all the toilets —will be started in 2007 and completed in 2009 (that’s pretty fast). 

But I mean, c’mon..i don’t blame them for making something ‘wierd’ like this… if I had as much money as they do..including 4 billion barrels of oil reserves…I’d probably make a building shaped lyk butt cracks if i wanted to…(i don’t knw how that’ll turn out looking tho..haha)… 

Dreamgirls OST (Album Review)

dreamgirlsost.jpg Straight from the Oscar-hyped movie, the soundtrack to Dreamgirls is jst… well, simply put…Inspiring…Entirely Produced by the Underdogs (Harvey Mason Jr & Damon Thomas) who has produced hits for Mario, Omarion, JoJo, Brian Mcknight and Babyface just to name a few… the soundtrack is filled with sounds from -just as the setting of the movie – the 60s and 70s…ranging from Disco, Motown, classical to 60s surf music… Straight from the movie, the actors themselves contribute the singing for the soundtrack such as Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson (American Idol fame), Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy..yes THE Eddie Murphy… the highlights of the album includes… Beyonce Knowles – Listen, Jamie Foxx – When I First Saw You, Jennifer Hudson – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going….The Soundtrack overall is definately great..now, I’ll just have to wait for the movie 🙂

it’s been a very slow day.. and i don’t think i have anything else that’s worth posting today on ShitSoil… so I’ll just leave it here~ sorry folks.. ok..i was right.. lapar ku balik~ I guess I’ll go eat AGAIN now..


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    […] sure those who have been following my blog for some time now  knw that I posted a review on the DREAMGIRLS Soundtrack about a month ago… well, I’ve been listening  to it more lately…and I must say, […]

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