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Gonna Have an Early Night

January 30, 2007

…hee hee ūüėõ

now i know who donated all the glittering wardrobe to RTB….n check out the dance moves by Maurice White..u da man!


te-hegeh hegeh~

January 29, 2007

ooh enaaak~ i jst had my 4hr+ of sleep tonight… that makes up for my lack of sleeping hours this morning… so yeah..had an early morning¬†as¬†there was a wedding at the former Brunei Ambassador’s (to Japan).. saw a few familiar faces from way back in the Tokyo days… other than my lack of sleep.. it’s all good… awal ani nalur ku ni~ i can’t seem to get back to sleep… eh malas ku eh panjang2 ri ani~ I’ll just end it here and¬†insyAllah add summore later.. (i doubt it..haha) for now, I’ll jst leave u w/ my omong kosong.. and uuh.. let’s see…hmmm.. aaaah.. go it.. I’ll just leave you with this hot ‘Celebrity Sex Tape’…ok fine, to increase your’s an ELMO (the Tickle¬†Me Xtreme Elmo to be exact)¬†SEX TAPE *warning: Not For The Faint doesn’t have any hoo-ha’s or ho-ho’s, but you know, it’s still sexual content…but with Seasame Street’s Elmo of course… haha

choo choo!!

January 28, 2007

just a few mins ago, with my tortilla chips, salsa dip ready and my leg stretched up the table..I was¬†watching Cruel Intentions on tv.. that’s the life maan~ haha…..the vampire slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar was of course hot in the movie… but as anxious as I was… watching sucha movie on Astro can be sucha pain in ass since scenes (especially those bedroom scenes)¬†keep on skipping every second… lyk what da fuck man~ so I¬† had to stop half way… and here I am…¬†so much for the Selma Blair & SMG snogging scene~ hahaha…¬† nemine-nemine~ *yawn*… ok not really sleepy, just felt lyk typing that.. but I hafta get some shut eye earlier than usual today since I gotta attend a wedding cerem tomorrow~ Sunday kali ah… the day of all weddings..well, in Brunei that is..

Feel The Rush For the 3rd Time

rh3.jpg¬†yeap yeap… the fast talking¬†and the kung-fu fighting duo are back again on the third installment of the RUSH HOUR franchise…directed by Brett Ratner for the third time, this movie will bring the crime fighting duo to France¬†this time to battle a wing of the Chinese organized crime family, the Triads. The film arrives in theatres on August 10, 2007… here’s¬†an exclusive teaser trailer¬†for Rush Hour 3.. enjoy ūüôā


January 27, 2007

Hey hey~ I just had a good few hours of extra sleep jst now… maan~ u knw, I’m gonna do a bit of¬†what I call “typical bloggers entry” for tonight’s ramblings¬†where I talk about my poor lil feelings~ sigh..I’m soo saaad~ …..well, not really..haha..just¬†wanted to say that¬†life wouldn’t be as interesting without its shits~ ……

well anyways, as I’m running out of things to say.. I might as well¬† go into my ‘mari becerita’ segment as suggested by¬†my kambeng gunung… “pada suatu hariii…~” hahaha.. oh nevermind ūüėõ


Pimp My John


My loyal shitsoilers should know how much I like my potty humor and that I’ve posted a couple of potty-related gagdets… well, whether u lyk it or not today is no different…Apparently, Roto Rooter, a plumbing¬†and drain service is offering¬†a once in a lifetime offer¬†for those heavy¬†doo-dooers¬†out there..¬†By signing up for its newsletter, you stand a chance of getting your John pimped, i’m not talking about leopard printed toilet papers… rather¬†you’ll get a Kohler toilet surrounded by a flatscreen HDTV, iPod with dock, TiVo, Xbox 360 and a DVD player…haiz, u knw what buddy.. if you’re gonna spend so much time in the toilet that you’ll need a complete entertainment system…u need to see a doctor more than u need an Xbox.



oh, if u were wondering what the title above really refers to.. its the sound of my poor stubby lil fingers strumming the guitar~ … anyways, this is the MiJam iPod Guitar. This four fingered¬†so called guitar¬†lets you play basic cords and riffs by strumming the bar and fiddling with the whammy..the best part…you can play to any song from your iPod library… perfect for those who are too lazy to learn an actually guitar (me..) and for those who are too proud to be¬†doing air guitar (me again).. hahaha..

Apple Phone

owh..I’m sure u guys r fed up with the iPhone/Apple Phone by now already..heck, I am….¬†but good news…It’s already out and I can now probably afford one…


A Taste Of What’s To Come On ShitSoil

There’s more where this came from… so stay tuned

Oh maan

January 26, 2007

Hey guys.. as u can probably tell.. I’ve been really slacking lately with regards to updating my blog… honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood lately..don’t know y…¬†so yea..sorry *sigh*.. well anyways, this (pic below) is the mouse turned coffee mug or coffee mug turned mouse.. well, whatever it is..I like to call it the MugMouse.. not much explaining is needed for this gadget tho…but it sure¬†gives u¬†something to show off your¬†office buddies..¬†I sure¬†want one of these right now…


Pet Spa + Cat = one clean (yet pissed off) kitty..  MIAAAAWW~~


I don’t know whether to find this thing brilliant or to call up Animal Rights..but one thing for sure, it is hilarious~ well..uuuh..kinda… of fuck it.. it is FUNNY~! see for urself… ūüôā

The Only Thing MacGyver Needs

January 25, 2007


That… and a haircut


What am i doing..~?

January 23, 2007

Aloh Aloh~ I’m back~ sorry che.. I’ve been occupied lately… jst a few days ago Return of the Jedi was on.. and you know how I love, princess Leia’s Golden bikini~ I missed it! haha.. now I’de hafta watch more reruns~ damn~ ok, just thought I’de share my fantasy with u~ besides, I couldn’t think of ways to start this.. haha.. so what the anyways, woke up early today for the MOFAT exam di ICC.. and by MOFAT, I’m referring t Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade… not the Hanson-like group that came out a while back.. i knw corny~ give me a break.. I just woke up.. so anyways, saw quite a lot of familiar Brissy faces…. I’de name em but they’ll prolly kill me afterwards… pokoknya~ it’s over.. wasn’t that bad ¬†tho~ we’ll just hafta see how it goes… I’m immune to no call-backs by now anyway.. haha… ok let’s see~ updates~

Silver Nuts

Ok, just when I thought I was the most jobless blogger..I found this… turns out some dude that was ‘too curious’ decided to do a bit of research on the Silver Surfer from the Fanastic Four sequel.. and he has helped us confirm that the Surfer is definately male… with shiny nut sacks i might add…tsk tsk


You can see for yourself (you know you want to) HERE! Shows up ’round 1:02-1:04 on the timecode

courtesy of AICN


In another movie related news,¬†unfortunately one of the best Asian horror¬†¬†movie will be re-done by Hollywood..and this time its SHUTTER….and the synopsis of the film will be different as it will take place in Japan and revolves around a married couple who start seeing ‘shit’ in their photos…by shit i mean, ghosts…. all I can say is fuck fuck fuck..but seriously, how unfortunate.. the original was already great…

well anyways, Rachael Taylor (Transformers) will star in Shutter, a psychological thriller being directed by Masayuki Ochiai for Regency, says The Hollywood Reporter. Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison are producing with Taka Ichise.

The story revolves around a young American couple on their honeymoon in Tokyo who begin seeing ghostly images in their photos as well as around them. Taylor plays the new bride. Shooting is scheduled to begin next month in Tokyo. Fox will distribute the movie, which is a remake of the 2004 Thai film. Luke Dawson wrote the screenplay.

Nokia E61i


Though this is simply a mock up, Nokia will possibly release this updated/improved version of my soon-to-be-crappy-E61-when-the-damn-E61i-comes-out. As compared to the one I have, this version seems to have a metallic body.. and the keypads are different..pokoknya, it looks way cooler… oh well…

…sing my song

January 21, 2007

*yawn*… hey guys… I don’t really feel like making long posts at the moment…hmmmmm…well I’m sure those who have been following my blog for some time now¬† knw that I posted a review on the DREAMGIRLS Soundtrack about a month ago… well, I’ve been listening¬† to it more lately…and I must say, as hot as she may be, Beyonce’s voice is getting annoying~ while on the other hand..¬†Jennifer Hudson is simply a ‘Powerhouse’ *applause*.. well anyways, here’s¬†a¬†clip of¬†‘the making¬†of the DREAMGIRLS¬†OST’ from¬†the UnderDogs LA Studio… this clip features a duet between Keith Robinson and Jennifer Hudson belting out “Effie, Sing My Song” (one of my favs)…the song will only be¬†available on the 2 Disc Deluxe Edition soundtrack..unfortunately, the song won’t be in the theatrical version of the¬†film… the good news is,¬†it will be available on the DVD as an extended clip… by DVD i mean, ORIGINAL DVD..not the one arah kadai komunis.. so don’t go, “but shitsoil said that it’s on the DVD~~” …but speaking of kadai komunis, I’m gonna get the DVD~ haha.. as i always say..the joy of piracy~

*bangs head on table*

January 20, 2007

gaa.jpg¬†Fancy Clippy?..the clip from Microsoft WORD..Well, you will after this…”ooh I’m a paper clip baby~”…..*Shady giling-giling kepala*


January 19, 2007

hee hee~.. aloh!¬†just got back¬†from a boys night out with my brothers~… and I’m full~ so Alhamdulilah… but I’ll probably be eating again right after I finish today’s blog entry while watching Superman on DVD and wiping off my slobber watching Lois Lane… no, I’m not talking abt the oldie from the Chris Reeves¬†era ..and for heaven’s… NO~ not even from the black and white George Reeves Supes era.. I’m talking about¬† Kate Bosworth~ ooh la la~ …. oh speaking of on screen hotties.. I’ve been watching the Star Wars movies lately… and I gotta say Princess Leia is damn hot… even for someone who’s got the whole headphone-like hairstyle going on~… but as many guys would agree (and fantasize)… her golden bikini from the Return of the Jedi is jst the¬†“whoa!~” hands down.. I wouldn’t mind being Jabba the¬†Hut¬†¬†in that scene… ok.. i better stop here.. before I get wedgy-ed by a bully for being sucha Star Wars dork…

ok so anyways, I actually discovered some interesting things¬†during today’s outing with my¬†borthers…for instance…… well, let’ just say thank goodness for built-in camera phones… if not for them, I wouldn’t be able to share this with u and more so, I wouldn’t have any entertainment… haha.. enjoy..

Barbie’s slutty cousine whome I named¬†‘Norma’ for some reason… in case you can’t read that, it sez “The More You Play With Me, The Happier I will Be!”…see how it has an exclamation mark jst to emphasize how¬†excited she is..¬†hahaa


This was actually taken from a *cough* MALL *cough*¬†that shall not be named in Gadong… apparently, they’re selling sex toys now… if not, the brand name is surely misleading..haha


Free iPhone For Everyone!


Want to be hip and updated by having your own iPhone before anyone else… better yet for FREE?! well you’re just one click away..just click HERE…I promise you¬†this¬†it is not a virus, nor¬†is it a traumatizing picture of a naked 100 year old.. so don’t worry..haha.. while we’re on the topic of iPhone… I think it’s about time I stop praising it and look at the downside to this are 5 reasons why the iPhone may not be the ‘Perfect’ phone as many have proclaimed..

1. 2-megapixel camera when there are phone’s out there with up to 5 MPs

2. 5-hour talk time…ONLY! mana siuk tu mun pakai be-dating

3. No expansion slot…which is sucha a bummer coz the most you could gois buying the 8 Gig model..

4. No 3G….sigh~ well I hope this only applies to the US version and not the 2008 Asia shipment

5. No removable battery… just like the iPod…which means, you can’t bring along a spare batt..


Iron Man Suit?


This is apparently designed by one of the companies that was hired to design the Iron Man suit for the upcoming IRON MAN MOVIE¬†….I don’t know if there’s any truth to this…but rumor has it that the final design of the suit from the movie will look something like this… cool tu che…