Butterflies masak merah

WEEE!! just woke up from my nap~ and i’m feeling all jumpy at the moment…haven’t had my power nap for quite some time now… Sel~ if you’re reading this… did u call? sorry che…I was asleep..hahaha.. ur not surprised at all are you..haha.. so hmmm~ let’s see~ YES~ Updates..

aaah..yes.. my gud old botak days with 2 of my crazy ass buddies (shuks & faid)… this was taken in Spring Hill during my last semester.. I THINK we were getting our 18+ card made.. yea, udah kan balik baru membuat.. smart thinking huh~  ok actually this was taken when we went all the way to SpringHill for HALAL Teriyaki Chicken Sub at Subway..(picture taken by Sel) thanx Sel! hahahaha..more gud old days pictures coming up!


Sneaker of the Day


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on sneakers.. so here it is.. new Nike SB Dunks for the new year… man, like seriously… I need to get new sneakers…


courtesy of Kicksaholics

Take My Breath Away..


..no..like literally…This thing is a vial and a stopper with a necklace loop on one end. You give it to the person in your life that won’t laugh when you ask them to blow into it. Inside the cap is some pre-applied glue that seals the lid shut forever storing their morning breath for you to have and hold.

if you can’t stand being away from your girl or boyfriend to the point that you decide to carry a vial of their morning breath with you around your neck…this is just the thing for u~ while ur at it go get some counseling buddy.. haha.. In addition, the pendant comes in different sizes for different uses like necklaces or earrings… i’m sure with the earring pendant, it’ll be big enough to even store gaseous emanations from the other end as well. ok, confirm… this is creepy.. hahaha… *prooooot!* NEXT!

Hello Clarice~


In Red Dragon we learned who he was. In Silence of the Lambs we learned how he did it. Now comes the most chilling chapter in the life of Hannibal Lecter – the one that answers the most elusive question of all – why?


Hannibal Rising” marks the first time in the award-winning series, best selling author Thomas Harris (“Red Dragon,” “Silence of the Lambs”) writes the screenplay – reaching back to explore the origins of Lecter’s rage, terror and savagery.

The story begins in Eastern Europe at the desperate end of World War II. For many it was no longer a conflict of nations but one of individual survival – at any cost. A young Hannibal watches from only steps away as his parents’ violently die, leaving his cherished young sister in his care. This horrific moment will soon pale in comparison to the atrocities he is forced to witness and perhaps survive as a result of.

Alone and without any means of support, he is forced to live in a Soviet Orphanage that once served as his family’s beloved home. He flees to Paris to find his uncle has died but his beautiful and mysterious Japanese widow, Lady Murasaki (Gong Li) welcomes him. Even her kindness and love cannot soothe the nightmares and sorrows that plague him. Showing a cunning aptitude for science he is accepted into medical school, which serves to hone his skills and provide the tools to exact justice on the war criminals that haunt him day and night. This quest will ignite an insatiable lust within a serial killer who was not born, but made.

Gaspard Ulliel plays the fearsome Lecter, alongside Gong Li, Rhys Ifans and Dominic West. Peter Webber (“Girl with a Pearl Earring”) directs.

Released on February 9 2007

here’s the trailer…but knwing how ‘be-angin’ youtube is…you can also catch it by clicking the poster… enjoy 🙂



4 Responses to “Butterflies masak merah”

  1. Pare Says:


  2. emma29 Says:

    Poooor butterfliessssssssss!!! (eventho im not a fan of butterflies hehe)

  3. Selly Says:

    YES!I CALLED! baik tah buang k laut mobile atu! sama jua ko ani sama c bj! n i just got cut off from msn.so sori k tegantung ceta tani. btw, the picture atu masa tani makan subway teriyaki chicken. hew hew. ko ada 18 plus wah??

  4. shitsoil Says:

    Rosie: enaak~ haha

    Selina: Sel~ jgn marah baah~ inda ku mampu buang ke laut mobile lah~ u knw I’m not as ‘rich’ as dulu.. HAHAHAHA…ingat kau phone ku kana curi dulu? haha~! yes yes! dats it! ukan mbuat 18+!!!! u were the one who took that picture!!!! sorry sorry! haha

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