With Looks To Blow Picasso’s Mind

Assalamualaikum~ Heya! Just got back from dinner with the whole family~ with a last minute change of line-up as nini decided to join us.. so rather than the original plan of going for sushi, we went for a more kampong dinner as she might have gone.. ‘napa inda masak makanan ani’ at Excapade.. hehe.. but nyaman jua lah~ and kenyang Alhamdulilah.. so right after, we just brought her around Bandar~ then went to the Empire again and treated her to a ‘special’ buggy ride courtesy of my cousin who works there.. siuk lah~ aku plg iski..haha.. it was pretty slow though since she didn’t want to go fast while i was sitting right next to the driver moving my body forward and backwards in hopes of getting the damn thing to move faster especially when it went uphill~ anyways, a big thanx to c Boy for the tour…

As mentioned previously~ I’ve got more of the ‘good ol days’ pictures.. so those in the picture, prepare to be embarasssed.. haha.. these pictures were also taken last semester.. this is pretty much what Unit 28 looks like any other day…… but this was taken during the World Cup.. prolly around 3am… lupa what match it was… but then again, as u notice we were busy to even watch it properly with all the jobless picture taking~ hahaha…



Peter Petrie Egg Separator

ptrptrie.jpg pterptrie2.jpg

ok, i knw this isn’t really a fancy gadget.. it’s not even a ‘gadget’ for that matter..but u gotta admit.. so cool lah~ hahaha…It’s Peter Petrie (don’t ask how they came up with that name..coz i have no idea as well..haha) the egg white separator! But honestly, it is definately the most unappetizing kitchen tool ever… i mean, look where the snot..i mean, egg white flows from…hahaha

courtesy of Stupid


You know how ur parents would always tell you to respect your elders.. coz if not, ‘ketulahan’..well, better believe it…this is a good example of someone ketulahan... hahaha

*…morning beh =D 


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