6 Responses to “heh”

  1. sapa nah? Says:

    everyone’s wearing their havaianas!! truly aussie!! we love our havvies.. hehe

  2. Moreira Says:

    awu! that’s the first thing i noticed! GO HAVISSSS!!! 😉

  3. Tango Says:

    i’ve been oz-ed pun masa ku di sana cos i went around bne pakai havaianas, all the time! haha

  4. emma29 Says:

    hehe panggil flip flops bah saja 😛

    anyways i was wondering what’s ‘havaianas’ tadi.. until i saw my flip flops *LOL* [slow eh…]

    anyhoots… where r u in this picture shady?? i only recognize c keegan/gun? saja… keraja sudah anak atu??

  5. AZ Says:

    hahah….Go Haviss…..
    kesian eh….sapa kan nie mengambil gambar anie? c shadi kana putung wah….hahahah
    time bila kan nie shad gambar ah?….KrispyKreme che……yummmmm

  6. shitsoil Says:

    haha.. yea man~ Haviiiisss~~~~!! tym BSS BBQ ni di Southbank…

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