Sun In Your Sky

xcpde3.jpg Hey Hey Hey~! Finally went to Excapade tonight with the family~… kenyang lah~ Alhamdulilah~.. as u can tell from the pix, I was being my be-ulah self..though I didn’t create a train wreck, I did manage to poke the train conductor figure w/ my chopsticks tho.. lucky for him, he was protected by the teeny weeny windshield~ we shall meet again.. *evil laugh* hahaha..ok, I was gonna say something else.. dah lupa~ ok.. this is really annoying the heck out of me… nemain nemain…besides,  I kinda “promised” someone really dear to me that I’ll sleep early tonight.. so I’ll just end it here =)


       I’m a heavy eater…..



       ..told cha I’m a heavy eater



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