La Di Daaa~

Just got back from the Brisbane-ians Shisha Reunion… man, i think almost everyone was there..including ex Brisbane-ians like yours truly~ they would agree with me when I say that it reminded me of ‘home’… Brisbane that is~ so meriah~ so full of laughter.. while i on the other hand kena tagur balik-balik oleh diorang coz I was doing my ‘dance like shit’ dance to the music being played…heppy bah heppy~ so let me beee~.. so yah, pretty much everyone noticed that I ‘have’ hair… and the verdict… well, let’s just say the majority said, gundul tah balik bah… quoting Marha.. ‘it’s just soo wroongg’…hahah… so jgn heran if aku botak balik in a few weeks time….other than rambut ku…my weight…that i agree, mikin kurus maan~ if i was a girl, i’d be jumping around with joy by now…but then again I’m not… so i pretty much look lyk a walking skeleton….ok, maybe not that skinny…but u knw wat i mean. haha….kuat kali udah ku makan I’m working on it…..This shisha session may possibly be a weekly thing after this…aku layan..but I’m not paying..hahaha… so anyways, I was gonna upload some pictures, but for some reason wordpress isn’t letting me.. coz I can’t seem to make thumbnails… oh well.. i try agen isuk~.. ok… it works now…i still need to get the pictures from Ji’Rol tho… hehe… I think Sel may be coming all the way to Tutong to my place pagi isuk~ well, if jadi.. I’ll at least have a reason to wake up earlier than usual.. hehe.. ok, so I’ll just post this one picture and hope I can upload more isuk-isuk.. imma watch tv now… cheerios~ 🙂




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