Jump the shark

grrr.jpg as you can tell from my face, i’m still in pain.. notice the ‘uurgh sakit but mesti control’ look..hahhaa so i’m keeping it simple.. I just got back from Sugar & Spice and we had dinner at Capers~ honestly~ nyaman che~ especially the lamb shank pasta.. and the ALL YOU CAN EAT pasta/pizza is pretty cheap~ wooh sakai~ nemine, at least I know where to go now if I’m hungry~ and besides, pasta  makes you gain weight~ weeeee~~~ tata to Sel coz she’s going back to KK isuk/later~ insyAllah, we’ll visit u the end of January.. ..ok, I’ve decided.. gundul ku isuk~ so that one person who insisted on using parang to shave my head despite the availability of clippers.. no need lah keh…*phew* …*pinches pipi*… hahaha 😉 *yawn* nyty nyt



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