Elevator Goes Up & Down

i actually jst got back from shisha with the guys~.. and I’m too tired to type.. so I’ll just post some pictures from last weeks Shisha gathering (update) and one gambar ‘jobless’ Centro courtesy of Kutak Macis.

Literally Headshots


A Great Shot Of My Not So Great Camera 


Literally Poking Fun at Denny




Sers, Den, Shad


Mirul, Shuks & Me with the microphone shaped hair



10 Responses to “Elevator Goes Up & Down”

  1. r&al Says:

    the picture with three girls, the girl on the right is fetty ya?

  2. emma29 Says:

    cute headshots! *rosie looks at the guy in red* hahaha… the others r pretty ordinary~~ 😛

  3. Tango Says:

    *coughs* the guy in red? *coughs*

  4. shitsoil Says:

    r&al: yeap..the one and only Fet

    emma29: oi oi~ bepunya udah tu.. hahah

    Tango: sabaaar~ sabaaaar~ hahaha

  5. Tango Says:

    r&al: the guy in red isn’t photogenic iatah cematu mua nya hahaha

    shitsoil: kejam ko simpan gambar si Jon bidaaaaa hahaha

  6. shitsoil Says:

    Tango: enchem jua masih tu mun ada smpai c *cough* emma29 pun tepikat… hahahaha!

  7. Tango Says:

    eh salah. bukan to r&al hahahaha. i meant emma29! silly me. bah bah shad, hensem tah mana saja tah *masih sasak bida* hahaha

  8. Guy in Red Says:

    Tango: gagar kah sampai tesalah tuju comment?

  9. r&al Says:

    haha.. ah okie, she used to be my classmate in pggmb..

  10. emma29 Says:

    *lol* whooooopppsss hehe im sorrry tango :p but u shud b glad u are with the guy in red *jealous sigh* hehe

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