Ter-put put put puuuuttt~

gojeng.jpg I’m sleepy.. yet I feel like blogging~ .. seriously~ one of those boreng ass days is back…and today is the day… so selooow maaan~ I mean slow to the extent that I’de rather…. hmmm~ rather~ ok I hate it when smthing melintas ur head and instead of stopping, it jst goes straight ahead….but then again, I was probably gonna say something really tulah lyk “…I’de rather play strip poker w/ ur mama” or something like that… so it’s a good thing i forgot so nevermind….but u get my point… oh, my iPhone post got a mention in the  Global Voices Online … didn’t really notice until Maurina sent me an email that morning… I was lyk “banar kah inda anak ani.. *squint eyes and scratching my butt* …hahah… thanks Maaaau~ sadly enough, that was probably the highlight of today… the rest was jst… “ppffffttttt~” … *sigh* eh

After months of speculating about the iPhone, shitsoil from Brunei, which is 16 hours ahead of San Francisco, was up in the wee hours of the morning breathlessly awaiting the news from Macworld:

Steve Job is probably on stage showing off Apple’s new hardware/gadget’s as I am typing this… oh wait.. as a matter of fact Steve Job just got on stage! (9:14)ok, we don’t know… well, I don’t know what’s going on at the moment.. but the word is… the Apple Phone may be announced afterall according to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal…and there’s also much talk about an Apple Gaming.. whatever that is~ ok..I’m too lazy to wait and check out the Live updates.. so I’ll probably post more about this tomorrow/later.. keep on visiting

Shitsoil delayed his bedtime even further to update his post with a bit of cheerleading for the iPhone (and to sweep aside the poor AppleTV, the other device that Jobs introduced in his keynote):

IM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! just when I was about to go to bed~ I just had to post this!!! ok… So yes, first the iTV (it’s actually called AppleTV) was introduced.. but f*** that.. coz the iPHONE exists!! and yes, it’s gonna be called an iPhone!!”

For your info.. I wasn’t cheerleading ok…..ok fine, maybe I was…I can’t seem to remember considering it was in the ‘wee hours’..so anything could’ve happened… but i definatley didn’t have poms-poms with me… haha.. and oh.. how unprofessional of me.. i said ‘f*ck’…. oh well, it’s not like I fuckin’ swear all the fuckin’ time…

Lexus IS-F Pt. II

Remember my post with regards to the upcoming Lexus IS-F… well, I just got exclusive ‘FULL BODY’ pictures of the actual car… enjoy 🙂


The speculation and hearsay is finally over. Lexus, having failed to match the basic BMW 3-series with the IS, is going straight for the big dog M3 with its new IS-F. Under the massively bulged hood you see here is a 5.0-liter beast of a V-8 engine putting out over 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Behind big nineteen-inch BBS front wheels lie six-pot aluminum Brembo calipers–the first ever with “Lexus” written across them–squeezing down on 14.2-inch perforated discs that hope to also clamp down on the lips of Lexus-doubters.


The IS-F borrows its far-beyond-necessity eight-speed transmission from the LS, but unlike in the LS, gearbox can be controlled via wheel-mounted paddles. Lexus claims that upshifts are popped off in a tenth of a second, and downshifts are met with automated blips of the throttle to match engine revs.


The IS-F rides up to an inch lower than other IS models, and is wider overall thanks to flared wheel surrounds and ridiculous brake vents behind the front wheels. At the rear, the IS-F is distinguished by unique, stacked quad exhaust outlets. Aluminum trim and sport seats–finished in black or white leather–define the interior, along with a special button for a new three-mode version of VDIM, Lexus’s stability control system. Like similar systems from BMW and Cadillac, the driver can chose from a full-on stability mode, a sport mode that allows for some hoonery, and a full off mode that opens the flood gate for full drift action.


And full-on drifts won’t be a problem with all that power. Lexus estimates a 0-60 mph time of less than 4.9 seconds for the IS-F, which is the first Lexus “F” cars. “F” will be the designation for sporty Lexus cars, much like “M” is to BMW, “AMG” to Mercedes, and “S” and “RS” are to Audi.


Lexus general manager Bob Carter says that “the intent of creating the IS-F was not to be a competitor to other performance-sport sedans. Rather, the goal was to create a true performance sedan in a uniquely Lexus way-one that is totally authentic with a unique interpretation of raw driving thrill at all speeds and provides a whole new definition of ‘usable power.'” We hope that this unique interpretation is something brand new, because the Lexus experience we think of leans toward the numb, soulless side of the scale. With the debut of the IS-F, the task of creating a real performer appears to be complete for Lexus engineers. But now the real test begins. Can the fusing of the words “Lexus” and “performance” capture the hearts of the enthusiasts who matter? We’ll find out when the IS-F arrives at dealerships in early 2008.


courtesy of ‘bidoi

Cat Genie


You know how much I love ‘stupid’ gadgets so here’s one….This is the Cat Genie… as you can probably tell by the picture it is obviously some cat pooping device which ridiculously costs $350… but then again, maybe it’s not so ridiculous at all.. I mean, not only does it look like a toilet, it actually is a toilet. Instead of traditional scooping cat litter, the granules are washed and dried while the solid turds are scooped and liquefied and flushed down an actual toilet or drain. When I get the money.. I’m thinking of getting one…….for my cat? No silly~ with this thing worth 300 bucks.. I’ll be the one using it… and hope my parents will be fed up with me squatting on this thing and eventually decide to make me my own en suite… hahaha.. *evil laugh*  


7 Responses to “Ter-put put put puuuuttt~”

  1. bojeng Says:

    HAHAHAHA good one. Whats $US350 (and chances of being admitted huhu) compared to your own en suite.

  2. dee Says:

    mahal jua cat pooping device atuu? tapi ragad plg usulnyaaa…

  3. shitsoil Says:

    Bojeng & Dee: Did u guys visualize me squatting on that thing tho? hahaha..

    btw, may i ask who Bojeng is?

  4. HandyMan Says:

    ko anie shitsoil mcm inda tau saja…..band member c jeng-jeng bah tu. kumpulan tinkerbell hahahah……

  5. dee Says:

    hahahah shady if i imagined you in that way i would never be able to look at you in the eyes (eseh mcm romantic bunyi nya) ever again…ngaaaaa…

  6. bojeng Says:

    I don’t know, Handyman… but sure hahaha Shitsoil, I’m just one of your regulars. Siuk ah site ani. Banyak informasi terkini and its one of those sites I can handle. Some are just too cluttered. Good Job! huhu

  7. BOB BMW M3 Says:

    thank you for that
    world’s best modified bmw pictures

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