Whack The Sack *woooweee!!!*

ahoy there Shit(Soil) heads! I was shisha high last night, hence the no updates from last night… *phew* what a day what a day~.. I actually slipped and fell on the tiled floor (and not to mention hard tiled floor) today right after aku ngambil air wu’du.. now my arm kinda hurts.. and my toe is swollen and.. *checks* yes, still bleeding from the cut…~ but thankfully nothing is broken and last i checked…nothing seems to be out of place or crooked..haha….so anyways, we went menabas at one of our tanahs in the afternoon… wait..actually they were nabas-ing.. while I was there taking pictures….and uumm.. well..just look at the pix below…. haha.. give me a break will ya… im “injured”…

ypeesmall.jpg  pool2.jpg rndeers.jpg smseng.jpg htch.jpg gtwood2.jpg pdnkr1.jpg

ok..just so I didn’t waste your time and leave you empty handed visiting my site… I’m gonna do something nice today by posting an exclusive picture of Megatron from the upcoming Tranformers Live-action movie…my opinion with regards to it? well, unlike many out there who think otherwise.. i think it looks neat…i mean, obviously its way different from the Gen 1 design.. but then again, I don’t think the original Megatron design would work in the big screen… HOWEVER, what’s with the pose? If I was to make a caption for it.. it’d definately be… “Tada! Happy Birthday Lil Sally!” kan kan kan?~ haha.. enjoy 🙂


courtesy of tfw2005


7 Responses to “Whack The Sack *woooweee!!!*”

  1. iheartblackeyes Says:

    Your nick made me laugh.

  2. C-Miss Says:

    That’s his purpose of ‘being’: to make people laugh! Seriously, he has that ability to make you laugh and piss in your pants hehe

    Shady, that’s a compliment!

  3. emma29 Says:

    and i thought transformers r made of boxes *lol*

  4. shitsoil Says:

    iheartblackeyes: hey welcome 🙂

    C-Miss: *shucks* ur jst too kind..but then again, no wonder i smell ‘pipis’ everytym i do something stupid in front of u..hahaha~ love u Miss~

    emma29: not anymore.. ~ 😛

  5. C-Miss Says:

    Haha! ;p~~ kana ku sebiji!

  6. dee Says:

    heheh nada usul injured pun kau ah..

  7. shitsoil Says:

    C-Miss: gotcha!

    Dee: haha injured kli aaaah~~ nahan rasa wah tu..hahaha

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