‘Lo…went to lunch w/ G’rol and Ummi today di Tutong…jadi lampost tym they take me out.. inda ku ‘duli… asak-asak ku tangah holding both their hands….haha… other than that..didn’t do shit….so lucky for you.. no stupid pictures for now…and i’m feeling restless tonight after watching not one but TWO crappy B-movies …the second one being ‘Bloodsuckers‘… which was basically about vampires from space wanting to take over the universe… wow~ what a plot… so i suppose my mind’s currently on shut down mode and de-motivated to even blog tonight after watching crap lyk that… except for this post of course…soooo~ since it’s still iPhone season (more iPhone news to come! c’mon~ admit it~ ur excited~ haha), I’ll just leave you with this clip which further demonstrates that the iPhone is more than a phone with a hint of the iPod….check it out….a definite must-buy *gives thumbs up w/ a fake “buy this or I’ll surely kick ur ass” smile* heeee~



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