hee hee~.. aloh! just got back from a boys night out with my brothers~… and I’m full~ so Alhamdulilah… but I’ll probably be eating again right after I finish today’s blog entry while watching Superman on DVD and wiping off my slobber watching Lois Lane… no, I’m not talking abt the oldie from the Chris Reeves era ..and for heaven’s… NO~ not even from the black and white George Reeves Supes era.. I’m talking about  Kate Bosworth~ ooh la la~ …. oh speaking of on screen hotties.. I’ve been watching the Star Wars movies lately… and I gotta say Princess Leia is damn hot… even for someone who’s got the whole headphone-like hairstyle going on~… but as many guys would agree (and fantasize)… her golden bikini from the Return of the Jedi is jst the “whoa!~” hands down.. I wouldn’t mind being Jabba the Hut  in that scene… ok.. i better stop here.. before I get wedgy-ed by a bully for being sucha Star Wars dork…

ok so anyways, I actually discovered some interesting things during today’s outing with my borthers…for instance…… well, let’ just say thank goodness for built-in camera phones… if not for them, I wouldn’t be able to share this with u and more so, I wouldn’t have any entertainment… haha.. enjoy..

Barbie’s slutty cousine whome I named ‘Norma’ for some reason… in case you can’t read that, it sez “The More You Play With Me, The Happier I will Be!”…see how it has an exclamation mark jst to emphasize how excited she is.. hahaa


This was actually taken from a *cough* MALL *cough* that shall not be named in Gadong… apparently, they’re selling sex toys now… if not, the brand name is surely misleading..haha


Free iPhone For Everyone!


Want to be hip and updated by having your own iPhone before anyone else… better yet for FREE?! well you’re just one click away..just click HERE…I promise you this it is not a virus, nor is it a traumatizing picture of a naked 100 year old.. so don’t worry..haha.. while we’re on the topic of iPhone… I think it’s about time I stop praising it and look at the downside to this are 5 reasons why the iPhone may not be the ‘Perfect’ phone as many have proclaimed..

1. 2-megapixel camera when there are phone’s out there with up to 5 MPs

2. 5-hour talk time…ONLY! mana siuk tu mun pakai be-dating

3. No expansion slot…which is sucha a bummer coz the most you could gois buying the 8 Gig model..

4. No 3G….sigh~ well I hope this only applies to the US version and not the 2008 Asia shipment

5. No removable battery… just like the iPod…which means, you can’t bring along a spare batt..


Iron Man Suit?


This is apparently designed by one of the companies that was hired to design the Iron Man suit for the upcoming IRON MAN MOVIE ….I don’t know if there’s any truth to this…but rumor has it that the final design of the suit from the movie will look something like this… cool tu che…


2 Responses to “Howdoodly~”

  1. fiz Says:
    for the brunei streethead

  2. Rosie Says:

    Hehehehe lets just wait n seee…. If it doesnt have removable battery… It will only last for 2 yrs (just like my mini ipod) *crap*

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