…sing my song

*yawn*… hey guys… I don’t really feel like making long posts at the moment…hmmmmm…well I’m sure those who have been following my blog for some time now  knw that I posted a review on the DREAMGIRLS Soundtrack about a month ago… well, I’ve been listening  to it more lately…and I must say, as hot as she may be, Beyonce’s voice is getting annoying~ while on the other hand.. Jennifer Hudson is simply a ‘Powerhouse’ *applause*.. well anyways, here’s a clip of ‘the making of the DREAMGIRLS OST’ from the UnderDogs LA Studio… this clip features a duet between Keith Robinson and Jennifer Hudson belting out “Effie, Sing My Song” (one of my favs)…the song will only be available on the 2 Disc Deluxe Edition soundtrack..unfortunately, the song won’t be in the theatrical version of the film… the good news is, it will be available on the DVD as an extended clip… by DVD i mean, ORIGINAL DVD..not the one arah kadai komunis.. so don’t go, “but shitsoil said that it’s on the DVD~~” …but speaking of kadai komunis, I’m gonna get the DVD~ haha.. as i always say..the joy of piracy~


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