What am i doing..~?

Aloh Aloh~ I’m back~ sorry che.. I’ve been occupied lately… jst a few days ago Return of the Jedi was on.. and you know how I love, princess Leia’s Golden bikini~ I missed it! haha.. now I’de hafta watch more reruns~ damn~ ok, just thought I’de share my fantasy with u~ besides, I couldn’t think of ways to start this.. haha.. so what the heck..so anyways, woke up early today for the MOFAT exam di ICC.. and by MOFAT, I’m referring t Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade… not the Hanson-like group that came out a while back.. i knw corny~ give me a break.. I just woke up.. so anyways, saw quite a lot of familiar Brissy faces…. I’de name em but they’ll prolly kill me afterwards… pokoknya~ it’s over.. wasn’t that bad  tho~ we’ll just hafta see how it goes… I’m immune to no call-backs by now anyway.. haha… ok let’s see~ updates~

Silver Nuts

Ok, just when I thought I was the most jobless blogger..I found this… turns out some dude that was ‘too curious’ decided to do a bit of research on the Silver Surfer from the Fanastic Four sequel.. and he has helped us confirm that the Surfer is definately male… with shiny nut sacks i might add…tsk tsk


You can see for yourself (you know you want to) HERE! Shows up ’round 1:02-1:04 on the timecode

courtesy of AICN


In another movie related news, unfortunately one of the best Asian horror  movie will be re-done by Hollywood..and this time its SHUTTER….and the synopsis of the film will be different as it will take place in Japan and revolves around a married couple who start seeing ‘shit’ in their photos…by shit i mean, ghosts…. all I can say is fuck fuck fuck..but seriously, how unfortunate.. the original was already great…

well anyways, Rachael Taylor (Transformers) will star in Shutter, a psychological thriller being directed by Masayuki Ochiai for Regency, says The Hollywood Reporter. Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison are producing with Taka Ichise.

The story revolves around a young American couple on their honeymoon in Tokyo who begin seeing ghostly images in their photos as well as around them. Taylor plays the new bride. Shooting is scheduled to begin next month in Tokyo. Fox will distribute the movie, which is a remake of the 2004 Thai film. Luke Dawson wrote the screenplay.

Nokia E61i


Though this is simply a mock up, Nokia will possibly release this updated/improved version of my soon-to-be-crappy-E61-when-the-damn-E61i-comes-out. As compared to the one I have, this version seems to have a metallic body.. and the keypads are different..pokoknya, it looks way cooler… oh well…


5 Responses to “What am i doing..~?”

  1. N25 Says:

    they’re shooting in Tokyo?? hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm. aha! hhhmmm *thinks* HAHAHAH. yes yes!! hahaha. gitau ku di mana drg shooting ah. mau jua ‘menjual muka’ ceta hantu pun ceta hantu lah. it’s a start! haha

  2. Rosie Says:

    Bwoh kadoi…. Outdated tah tepun tani ni krg? N my e61 is just 2 months old! Uwaaaaaaa

  3. emma29 Says:

    tapinya still no camera right this one? ‘mock up’ baru rupanya! i tot ada udah bejual! i was searching high n low for it. online and offline. semangat sudah ku kan membali! haha i seriously saved part of my bonus for d upcoming e61i! *grrr*..

  4. shitsoil Says:

    haha.. ketara inda mbaca ko ah~ alum kluar rose… coz the e61 is still going strong so i don;t think they’ll be releasing the ‘i’ edition anytime soon… and yes.. don;t think ada camera.. our phone’s jst too cool to have one.. hahaha

  5. shitsoil Says:

    ok..correction…i jst read it in the strait times papers… e61i baru kluar in the market today or this week.. aaand.. fortunately for u..it does have 2mgp camera… sini alum tau bila kluar.. probably sooner than u think..

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