Oh maan

Hey guys.. as u can probably tell.. I’ve been really slacking lately with regards to updating my blog… honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood lately..don’t know y… so yea..sorry *sigh*.. well anyways, this (pic below) is the mouse turned coffee mug or coffee mug turned mouse.. well, whatever it is..I like to call it the MugMouse.. not much explaining is needed for this gadget tho…but it sure gives u something to show off your office buddies.. I sure want one of these right now…


Pet Spa + Cat = one clean (yet pissed off) kitty..  MIAAAAWW~~


I don’t know whether to find this thing brilliant or to call up Animal Rights..but one thing for sure, it is hilarious~ well..uuuh..kinda… of fuck it.. it is FUNNY~! see for urself… 🙂


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