Hey hey~ I just had a good few hours of extra sleep jst now… maan~ u knw, I’m gonna do a bit of what I call “typical bloggers entry” for tonight’s ramblings where I talk about my poor lil feelings~ sigh..I’m soo saaad~ …..well, not really..haha..just wanted to say that life wouldn’t be as interesting without its shits~ ……

well anyways, as I’m running out of things to say.. I might as well  go into my ‘mari becerita’ segment as suggested by my kambeng gunung… “pada suatu hariii…~” hahaha.. oh nevermind 😛


Pimp My John


My loyal shitsoilers should know how much I like my potty humor and that I’ve posted a couple of potty-related gagdets… well, whether u lyk it or not today is no different…Apparently, Roto Rooter, a plumbing and drain service is offering a once in a lifetime offer for those heavy doo-dooers out there.. By signing up for its newsletter, you stand a chance of getting your John pimped..by pimped, i’m not talking about leopard printed toilet papers… rather you’ll get a Kohler toilet surrounded by a flatscreen HDTV, iPod with dock, TiVo, Xbox 360 and a DVD player…haiz, u knw what buddy.. if you’re gonna spend so much time in the toilet that you’ll need a complete entertainment system…u need to see a doctor more than u need an Xbox.



oh, if u were wondering what the title above really refers to.. its the sound of my poor stubby lil fingers strumming the guitar~ … anyways, this is the MiJam iPod Guitar. This four fingered so called guitar lets you play basic cords and riffs by strumming the bar and fiddling with the whammy..the best part…you can play to any song from your iPod library… perfect for those who are too lazy to learn an actually guitar (me..) and for those who are too proud to be doing air guitar (me again).. hahaha..

Apple Phone

owh..I’m sure u guys r fed up with the iPhone/Apple Phone by now already..heck, I am…. but good news…It’s already out and I can now probably afford one…


A Taste Of What’s To Come On ShitSoil

There’s more where this came from… so stay tuned


5 Responses to “mbeee~~”

  1. Bulat Says:

    Look! Its bulat! Been a long time since i saw her.. And look at her.. She loves taking pictures ya. =) so cute.(the kitten.KITTEN.)hahaha~ nolah.. kambing also cute. But not as cute as bulat. HAHAA

  2. Rosie Says:

    U mean d iphone is out in brunei kah? How much?

  3. Tango Says:

    mun atu iphone, hahaha, nada muat pocket! 😀 lol

  4. shitsoil Says:

    Bulat: yah she loves taking pictures~ and posing.. mcm tu c bulat over there *points and pokes at Sa* haha…oh fine, since inda kiut..i guess, I’ll jst hafta grow whiskers.. sheesh~ haha

    Rosie: no laah~ its coming out next year in Asia.. I’m talking abt ‘THAT’ Apple Phone..haha.. haiz~

    Tango: hahaha~ muat eh! you just hafta put more effort into it by asak-ing it into your pocket~

  5. Lady28 Says:

    Ahahahaha..i had that similar phone but wif wire ofcourse! it reminds me of my life 15 yrs ago..huhuhu..

    Now, this is a true apple phone. huhuhuhu..

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