choo choo!!

just a few mins ago, with my tortilla chips, salsa dip ready and my leg stretched up the table..I was watching Cruel Intentions on tv.. that’s the life maan~ haha…..the vampire slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar was of course hot in the movie… but as anxious as I was… watching sucha movie on Astro can be sucha pain in ass since scenes (especially those bedroom scenes) keep on skipping every second… lyk what da fuck man~ so I  had to stop half way… and here I am… so much for the Selma Blair & SMG snogging scene~ hahaha…  nemine-nemine~ *yawn*… ok not really sleepy, just felt lyk typing that.. but I hafta get some shut eye earlier than usual today since I gotta attend a wedding cerem tomorrow~ Sunday kali ah… the day of all weddings..well, in Brunei that is..

Feel The Rush For the 3rd Time

rh3.jpg yeap yeap… the fast talking and the kung-fu fighting duo are back again on the third installment of the RUSH HOUR franchise…directed by Brett Ratner for the third time, this movie will bring the crime fighting duo to France this time to battle a wing of the Chinese organized crime family, the Triads. The film arrives in theatres on August 10, 2007… here’s an exclusive teaser trailer for Rush Hour 3.. enjoy 🙂


3 Responses to “choo choo!!”

  1. Tina Says:

    Rush Hour 3? Definitely catching that one if it comes to the local cinema!

  2. mash Says:

    I saw you at the wedding!!!!!! 😀

  3. shitsoil Says:

    Tina: ada kluar tu eh~ it’s the sorta of movie that will definately come out here

    mash: hahaha.. yeap.. I was the one that went *waves at mash* haha..long tym no see ah 😀

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