te-hegeh hegeh~

ooh enaaak~ i jst had my 4hr+ of sleep tonight… that makes up for my lack of sleeping hours this morning… so yeah..had an early morning as there was a wedding at the former Brunei Ambassador’s (to Japan).. saw a few familiar faces from way back in the Tokyo days… other than my lack of sleep.. it’s all good… awal ani nalur ku ni~ i can’t seem to get back to sleep… eh malas ku eh panjang2 ri ani~ I’ll just end it here and insyAllah add summore later.. (i doubt it..haha)..so for now, I’ll jst leave u w/ my omong kosong.. and uuh.. let’s see…hmmm.. aaaah.. go it.. I’ll just leave you with this hot ‘Celebrity Sex Tape’…ok fine, to increase your curiosity..it’s an ELMO (the Tickle Me Xtreme Elmo to be exact) SEX TAPE *warning: Not For The Faint Hearted..it doesn’t have any hoo-ha’s or ho-ho’s, but you know, it’s still sexual content…but with Seasame Street’s Elmo of course… haha


One Response to “te-hegeh hegeh~”

  1. Tina Says:

    Aii threesome, banci ku! Hahahaha.

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