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February 23, 2007

paji.jpg  A’kum… jst got back from watching Ghost Rider….oh before I comment on the movie itself.. I just hafta say, watching the trailer of Fantastic Four 2 has never been the same for me since knowing that a quick shot of Silver Surfer’s metallic nards exists in the trailer….jst before Ghost Rider started, the trailer was shown and well, let’s just say I just couldn’t help but have that ‘see see, did u see that?! those are Silver Surfer’s nards maan!’ reaction….and I blame the jobless dude that started this and was too curious about the Surfer’s gender that he just had to freeze the frame… curse you!..haha…moving on to Ghost Rider….so how was it? welll~ it was okay i guess.. Eva Mendes was in it~ so a dude with a flaming skull didn’t really matter… haha.. no, but seriously… the plot was as expected….SHIT. However, it was action packed and it was enjoyable…..I didn’t really expect much prior to watching the film as it was meant to be one of those Popcorn flicks where not much thinking is needed in the 1st place….  so anyways, nothing much happened since my last post… I just had another interview and that was pretty much it… So at this stage, it’s pretty much make or break… hope all goes well.. Amin

iPhone Case


As I’m sure many know by now, Apple was sued by Cisco just a few hours after the iPhone was announced a while back for using the iPhone trademark/name… and a settlement has finally been made..

The companies said they reached an agreement that will allow Apple to use the name for its sleek new multimedia device in exchange for exploring wide-ranging “interoperability” between the companies’ products in the areas of security, consumer and business communications. No other details of the agreement were released. 

Additional clauses in the agreement state that Steve Jobs will stop calling Cisco’s VOIP phones, “Total pieces of garbage built on incredibly bad taste”, and that Cisco will be allowed to sit with the “Cool Kids” in the Cafeteria.

The Mouse That Got Lucky


There are two possibilities when owning this.. you may be the coolest dude on the block for having the best mousepad ever made.. or you’re jst one big perv who needs to go out more…

More Transformers The Movie Images




This was the Decepticon that could change into a cassette tape in the G1 Transformers cartoon so I wonder what he transforms into in the movie..


Megatron Head Designs

Personally, this is an improvement from the first leaked image of Megatron last year… I mean, sure he doesn’t look like the G1 Megatron..but at least they made him look really bad ass…


well.. alrighty then.. it’s getting late so I better go shoo now..~ 🙂



February 19, 2007

oheu.jpg A’kum… I knw I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of days now… haven’t been feeling 100% lately and I just thought I might space out my updates for a few days rather than my usual daily updates… other than that blame the crappy connection…. so putting that aside… let’s see…. oh~ Gong Xi Fa Cai! and… eeerr.. ok it’s 11:45pm now so still valid.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sasa…. !! I’m still spethal coz New Zealand time doesn’t count keeeh~ hahahaha…. let’s see..what else… did I mention that I’m not feeling well….. hmm.. oh yea I did… so I guess that’s that…. my readers should knw how “interesting” my daily life can be…


American Idol have chosen their 24 finalists… and unfortunately my favourite Jimmy McNeal didn’t make the cut… it’s probably because he’s black… haha.. ok maybe not….but race-related justification is always the way to go when you can’t think of any other reason..haha.. but dang man! they should call this year’s AI… CELEBRITY AMERICAN IDOL.. I mean.. check it out…..there’s

   SNOOP DOGG                JACK OSBOURNE        

ai1.jpg ai3.jpg

…and of course.. Mr MIYAGI 


now… I wasn’t being racist.. afterall.. I am Asian.. so I pretty much have that ‘diss-Asians and it won’t be racist’ authority… hahaha.. wax on~ wax off~!

Nose Picking Helper: For Those Who Can’t Be Bothered


As much as I like my whacky gadgets.. I personally, wouldn’t want a a finger other than my own to be picking my nose man….sorry for over-sharing but baik tah ku kurik idung ku kai jari sendiri… nuff said……fortunately this looks lyk a photoshop…  

courtesy of ubergizmo

The Adventures of ‘Jipun Tidur Mati’ Pt III

Cupid Draw Back Your Bow

February 15, 2007

So it’s ‘V’ day.. ok fine I’ll say it.. Valentine’s Day~ there..i said it~ I don’t really have anything against the day tho.. it just sucks being ‘alone’ and be-paluk w/ bantal saja… and this is where u either go..”aaaaww..olululu..” or i pass u a brown paper bag… hahaha.. nadalah..i actually have fond memories of my Valentine’s DayS…… in Japan, it was always about the chocolates… the best thing about it was that it was the girls that would slip anonymous notes and heart-shaped chocolates in ur desk and locker… *brows go up & down*.. those were the days maaan..haha… speaking of Valentine’s gifts.. i think the most romantic thing I ever did was bought someone lyk 30 roses… and apparently giving 1 was way more romantic.. well.. she should’ve told me earlier then~ wud’ve saved me some cash~ hahaha..yes I am cheap… haha~! naah, but on a serious note… i notice a handful of people here take it too seriously maaan…. apa nya khutbah Jumaat.. Valentine’s Day ukan utk urg Islam laaai…. but putting aside the religious aspect of it all…… u don’t need Valentine’s… as cliche as it seems,  if you care about someone… everyday should be special even if nothing extraordinary happens……. at times we take it for granted.. but it’s those lil things that matter and should be cherished….


…i knw it looks disfigured but that’s meant 2 be a heart shape btw..coz.. uuh.. u knw.. this being february 14th and all..and..uum… so yeah..

Oh.. I’m sure many of you are followers of American Idol… well, I’m one of ’em.. haha… and this dude is definately my favourite…in this audtion he is singing Sam Cooke’s ‘Cupid’….one of my all time fav tunes~ so I’m not bias here.. haha

ok… I was gonna add up some more… BUT i jst remembered I have to go to MOFAT early tomorrow…haiz… nemine~ anything for the sake of getting a job……..morning u =D ‘heehee~’ >p


Notice something missing…. apparently Google was simply known as Googe yesterday…but i just checked… it GoogLe now… party poopers! burieeeng~ but oh well… at least I was there when it was known as Googe~ heehee


February 14, 2007

A’kum… usual.. I’m having  a hard time figuring out how I should start and say for today’s blog entry… I mean, I can always make things up..saaay something like~ hmm~ maybee~ ooh ooh!~ I went tap dancing on top of Abe Lincoln’s nose at Mt. Rushmore.. but then again, I’de probably risk losing readers.. and be known as a wierdo.. unless that’s already happening as we speak… soooo~ I might as well save my make believe-over-the-top adventures for some other time…. so anyways, what’s been happening since I last posted… honestly, something you’de expect from shitsoil…S.S.D.D (same-shit different day)… though, I did get another phone call from MOFAT for another interview next week… so dat’s good news i suppose… other than that… hmm.. *thinks*.. nyeeeh~ ‘nada’…. ooh ooh~! wait wait… there is one more thing before i forgot.. I was chatting with c Dud in the afternoon and she showed me a hilarious picture that she took while on her trip di Hokkaido, Japan… haha… gimme a sec.. lemme jst post the pic first…..


ok.. apparently she told me that dis ice sculpture looks lyk me… hahahaha.. jst bare w/ me coz I can’t stop laughing~ *inhale*exhale*.. haha.. but c’moon~ there is no way that looks lyk me…jadinya apa saja yg botak and pakai kaca mata aku?!.. haha… ok fine, I’ll at least try n consider the resemblence.. *squint eyes*… ok.. masih jua inda sama… sorry.. ahhaha~ 

Good Ol’ Days Entry


Now this picture brings back good memories man~ taken jst before we went off to the graduation ceremony at UQ~ we usually don’t dress that decent.. so this is an exclusive Centro look really..haha

Single Use Underwear for the Laziest of the Lazy


other than my potty humor.. i just love these inventions/gadget-ish items… this time its the… OneDerWear single use underwear…yes u read it right.. single use undies maaan…a lazyass’ dream come true…think about it~ no more doing laundry… and and~ it’s biodegradable = environmentally friendly… which means~ you won’t be harming the environment and in turn you’de be able to justify why you’re wearing these in the 1st place… jst say “hey man… anything to help the environment”.. and voila… people will stop seeing u as the lazy dude who can’t be bothered doing laundry for his/her own undies…… yes.. I’ve got it all figured out already.. hahah

Blades of Glory

bog.jpg I’ve always been a big fan of Will Ferrell since his SNL (Saturday Night Live) days… and he’s got another movie coming out called Blades of Glory which also stars Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite)… so basically, the movie revolves around 2 rival male figure skaters who get banned from men-figure skating… so~ in order to get back in the game.. they decide to join the couple’s division and become the 1st male-pair team…and along the way… well.. just watch the trailer..the movies comes out on March 30th 2007

When rival figure skaters Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) go ballistic in an embarrassing, no-holds-barred fight at the World Championships, they are stripped of their gold medals and banned from the sport for life. Now, three-and-a-half years on, they’ve found a loophole that will allow them to compete: if they can put aside their differences, they can skate together – in pairs’ figure skating.


February 12, 2007

I’m pretty much back to my usual.. ‘i seriously don’t know what to do now other than sleep and eat’ mode…… haven’t been out with the centros lately..been occupied with other commitments the last few weeks.. but guys, if you’re reading this… we better do something man… at least b4 c mamoi balik…so hope that works out… other than that, i think i sprained my neck again…. as D’angelo would say.. “shit, damn, mo’fucka” eh… nemine2~…

Movie Reviews

I’m gonna do 2 movie reviews today just for making up my slacking lately.. so here it goes…


dgsmll.jpg I’m sure that most of you know what the plot is about… so I’ll just shush about that…. so anyways, after all the hype and the Oscacr buzz that’s been going around for the film, I finally had the chance to get a good quality DVD of the movie…and watched it at 3 in the morning accompanied by a keropok of my choice and a cup of hot drink..ahh~..  well, personally.. it’s a fantastic movie as reviewed by many out there… despite how hawt Beyonce is, prior to seeing the film I was a bit… well, not confident i suppose with her acting in the movie..  pretty much based on the crappy acting she did in her previous movies such as Austin Powers as well as the Pink Panther.. but i must say she did a wonderful job in this one…but of course, the standing ovation goes to the Oscar nominated stars Eddie Murphy as well as American Idol fame, Jennifer Hudson who I must say did justice playing Effie… the music, the wardrobe, lighting, shots, acting and all the singing were 1st class quality… sadly enough, depsite the 8 Oscar nominations.. it didn’t get nominated for Best Picture…. but go ctach the movie especially those who enjoy motown music… *raises hand* lyk me~

Pursuit of Happyness

pohsmll.jpg No that is not a typo… It’s meant to have a Y in the movie title so don’t be sucha smart ass….. Not much can be said about the movie but one word which best describes this movie is Inspirational… No matter how macho and masculine u r that u eat steroids for will not be able to resist the film’s emotional pull with an ultimately inspiring message about the implacable power of love and determination… now we all know how versatile Will Smith can be when it comes to acting and in this movie he doesn’t disappoint once again.. so it’s no surprise that he’s being nominated for Oscar once again… However, in saying that.. his real life son Jaden, who also plays his son in the movie stole the show with his wonderful performance…. All in all, another must watch movie for you boys and gals out there… =D

what’s next on my DVD list? Babel and Stranger Than Fiction…..

Shuffle It With Color


The image pretty much explains it… iPod Shuffle that comes w/ different color schemes… according to Apple…it’s price is still the same… 🙂

No Laughing In Class Please

Ok.. this clip is from a Japanese variety show by a comedy group called Downtown… I grew up watching these guys back in my Tokyo days…. which pretty much explains why I turned out to be *koo*koo*.. haha.. so anyways, in this segment of the show the Downtown dudes go back to school and all they have to do is prevent themselves from bursting out laughing in class or else face the consequence (watch and u’ll see).. easy huh? well, in their case.. not so much… becoz they have to watch a clip of probably one of their dumbest buddies attempting (reaallly trying hard) to read a book and count up to 100 in English….. just watch and you’ll get the idea…


February 9, 2007

nglih.jpg Alooooooh~~ I’m baack~ *phew* apologies for the absence.. as I’ve mentioned, I had to do a couple of presentations for MOFAT at the ICC for three days in a row… it’s been a hectic week for me.. but I hope it’s all worth it…and besides, I needed a break from blogging.. I was at the brink of deleting shitsoil coz I was simply bored with updating it actually…. but nemine..I’m back now and in the mood of blogging so I might as well before I change my mind again…

Dissolvable Dress


When scientists aren’t working on curing world hunger/cancer/AIDS, they create dresses that will dissolve in water. The “fabric” is made from polyvinyl alcohol, which will partially dissolve into recyclable (liquid?) material when washed…. and I say, let it rain baby

Doodie Diaper

ddydpr.jpg Looks lyk some fancy  party lantern from IKEA huh.. well guess again…it’s actually a doodie diaper for our 4 legged best friends.. and by that I am referring to pets.. not one of your drunk buddies who tends to crawl on all fours with nothing on but his undies… anyways, surprise surprise.. another turd-related item from me~ besides..this is SHITsoil afterall.. now this is how it works… simple really.. all u do is attach the harness on ur pet’s ass and all they need to do is well u knw..*plop*… now the thing is,  i don’t think your cat/dog can ignore a Chinese lantern hanging from its ass for very long

Green as an Ogre


Click the image above to watch the 2nd trailer of the anticipated Shrek The Third released on May 18, 2007.... enjoy 🙂

The Adventures of  ‘Jipun Tidur Mati’

First it was the vacuum to the face… it’s…..well just watch

On Hiatus

February 1, 2007

A’kum… hey boys and girls..i sincerely apologize for the lack of updates these past few days.. unfortunately.. I don’t think I’ll be updating shitsoil for some time since I’ll be really busy preparing for my MOFAT presentationS… so sorry sorry sorry….wish me luck 🙂