nglih.jpg Alooooooh~~ I’m baack~ *phew* apologies for the absence.. as I’ve mentioned, I had to do a couple of presentations for MOFAT at the ICC for three days in a row… it’s been a hectic week for me.. but I hope it’s all worth it…and besides, I needed a break from blogging.. I was at the brink of deleting shitsoil coz I was simply bored with updating it actually…. but nemine..I’m back now and in the mood of blogging so I might as well before I change my mind again…

Dissolvable Dress


When scientists aren’t working on curing world hunger/cancer/AIDS, they create dresses that will dissolve in water. The “fabric” is made from polyvinyl alcohol, which will partially dissolve into recyclable (liquid?) material when washed…. and I say, let it rain baby

Doodie Diaper

ddydpr.jpg Looks lyk some fancy  party lantern from IKEA huh.. well guess again…it’s actually a doodie diaper for our 4 legged best friends.. and by that I am referring to pets.. not one of your drunk buddies who tends to crawl on all fours with nothing on but his undies… anyways, surprise surprise.. another turd-related item from me~ besides..this is SHITsoil afterall.. now this is how it works… simple really.. all u do is attach the harness on ur pet’s ass and all they need to do is well u knw..*plop*… now the thing is,  i don’t think your cat/dog can ignore a Chinese lantern hanging from its ass for very long

Green as an Ogre


Click the image above to watch the 2nd trailer of the anticipated Shrek The Third released on May 18, 2007.... enjoy 🙂

The Adventures of  ‘Jipun Tidur Mati’

First it was the vacuum to the face… it’s…..well just watch


2 Responses to “GTBB”

  1. emma29 Says:

    I want those dissolvable dresss… Nda payah menyasah hehe

  2. HS57 Says:

    Its nice to have you back and running. 🙂

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