I’m pretty much back to my usual.. ‘i seriously don’t know what to do now other than sleep and eat’ mode…… haven’t been out with the centros lately..been occupied with other commitments the last few weeks.. but guys, if you’re reading this… we better do something man… at least b4 c mamoi balik…so hope that works out… other than that, i think i sprained my neck again…. as D’angelo would say.. “shit, damn, mo’fucka” eh… nemine2~…

Movie Reviews

I’m gonna do 2 movie reviews today just for making up my slacking lately.. so here it goes…


dgsmll.jpg I’m sure that most of you know what the plot is about… so I’ll just shush about that…. so anyways, after all the hype and the Oscacr buzz that’s been going around for the film, I finally had the chance to get a good quality DVD of the movie…and watched it at 3 in the morning accompanied by a keropok of my choice and a cup of hot drink..ahh~..  well, personally.. it’s a fantastic movie as reviewed by many out there… despite how hawt Beyonce is, prior to seeing the film I was a bit… well, not confident i suppose with her acting in the movie..  pretty much based on the crappy acting she did in her previous movies such as Austin Powers as well as the Pink Panther.. but i must say she did a wonderful job in this one…but of course, the standing ovation goes to the Oscar nominated stars Eddie Murphy as well as American Idol fame, Jennifer Hudson who I must say did justice playing Effie… the music, the wardrobe, lighting, shots, acting and all the singing were 1st class quality… sadly enough, depsite the 8 Oscar nominations.. it didn’t get nominated for Best Picture…. but go ctach the movie especially those who enjoy motown music… *raises hand* lyk me~

Pursuit of Happyness

pohsmll.jpg No that is not a typo… It’s meant to have a Y in the movie title so don’t be sucha smart ass….. Not much can be said about the movie but one word which best describes this movie is Inspirational… No matter how macho and masculine u r that u eat steroids for breakfast..you will not be able to resist the film’s emotional pull with an ultimately inspiring message about the implacable power of love and determination… now we all know how versatile Will Smith can be when it comes to acting and in this movie he doesn’t disappoint once again.. so it’s no surprise that he’s being nominated for Oscar once again… However, in saying that.. his real life son Jaden, who also plays his son in the movie stole the show with his wonderful performance…. All in all, another must watch movie for you boys and gals out there… =D

what’s next on my DVD list? Babel and Stranger Than Fiction…..

Shuffle It With Color


The image pretty much explains it… iPod Shuffle that comes w/ different color schemes… according to Apple…it’s price is still the same… 🙂

No Laughing In Class Please

Ok.. this clip is from a Japanese variety show by a comedy group called Downtown… I grew up watching these guys back in my Tokyo days…. which pretty much explains why I turned out to be *koo*koo*.. haha.. so anyways, in this segment of the show the Downtown dudes go back to school and all they have to do is prevent themselves from bursting out laughing in class or else face the consequence (watch and u’ll see).. easy huh? well, in their case.. not so much… becoz they have to watch a clip of probably one of their dumbest buddies attempting (reaallly trying hard) to read a book and count up to 100 in English….. just watch and you’ll get the idea…


3 Responses to “Woopdeedooo~”

  1. Tango Says:

    aiii shuffle kaler kaler. nyasal bali awal. hmmph..

    btw, update link k.. i’ve moved. thanks.

  2. Selly Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHA…sandiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~!! gilaa mun cematu wah aku high school..high blood kali eh keeping the laughter in.hewhew. manis manis juaa org jipun ani~!

  3. N25 Says:

    aku bali yg green. yg orange atu pun mcm cool jua. kan membali ku eh every color. kadai lain 9800Yen … di mac store 9400Yen. kurang labiiihhh laahh. haha. hai dude

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