Cupid Draw Back Your Bow

So it’s ‘V’ day.. ok fine I’ll say it.. Valentine’s Day~ there..i said it~ I don’t really have anything against the day tho.. it just sucks being ‘alone’ and be-paluk w/ bantal saja… and this is where u either go..”aaaaww..olululu..” or i pass u a brown paper bag… hahaha.. nadalah..i actually have fond memories of my Valentine’s DayS…… in Japan, it was always about the chocolates… the best thing about it was that it was the girls that would slip anonymous notes and heart-shaped chocolates in ur desk and locker… *brows go up & down*.. those were the days maaan..haha… speaking of Valentine’s gifts.. i think the most romantic thing I ever did was bought someone lyk 30 roses… and apparently giving 1 was way more romantic.. well.. she should’ve told me earlier then~ wud’ve saved me some cash~ hahaha..yes I am cheap… haha~! naah, but on a serious note… i notice a handful of people here take it too seriously maaan…. apa nya khutbah Jumaat.. Valentine’s Day ukan utk urg Islam laaai…. but putting aside the religious aspect of it all…… u don’t need Valentine’s… as cliche as it seems,  if you care about someone… everyday should be special even if nothing extraordinary happens……. at times we take it for granted.. but it’s those lil things that matter and should be cherished….


…i knw it looks disfigured but that’s meant 2 be a heart shape btw..coz.. uuh.. u knw.. this being february 14th and all..and..uum… so yeah..

Oh.. I’m sure many of you are followers of American Idol… well, I’m one of ’em.. haha… and this dude is definately my favourite…in this audtion he is singing Sam Cooke’s ‘Cupid’….one of my all time fav tunes~ so I’m not bias here.. haha

ok… I was gonna add up some more… BUT i jst remembered I have to go to MOFAT early tomorrow…haiz… nemine~ anything for the sake of getting a job……..morning u =D ‘heehee~’ >p


Notice something missing…. apparently Google was simply known as Googe yesterday…but i just checked… it GoogLe now… party poopers! burieeeng~ but oh well… at least I was there when it was known as Googe~ heehee


5 Responses to “Cupid Draw Back Your Bow”

  1. snow Says:

    Happy V day :)———–

  2. mash Says:

    Do you remember white day? Or i think thats what it was called. The guys would give chocokates to girls during valentines day, and the girls would give the guys chocolate on white day :P:P Yes, i think valentines day is a bit overrated too. You don’t need to wait till valentines day to give someone chocolate or to tell them how much they mean to you. Siiigh. My valentines day sucked 😛 I was alooone~ All aloone~~ hahaha. but yea, no biggie. ANYWAYS. Im ranting. 😛

  3. Marha Says:

    Chengg~~ Thanks for putting up that song! Kan mental ku mencari lagu atu di youtube eversince last week! Hmpf. Si Sum Chuk punya lagu punn. Huhu. And you would go “download pulang~~” ;p I don’t do downloads ;p

  4. d3xlabs Says:

    vday is pretty overrated. A day when u’ll see everyone else in the same restaurant paying for the overpriced meal that came with a dingy rose for the lady and absolutely nothing for the guy, except to foot the bill. What a rip-off.
    hey, pretty cool blog…. can i link ya?

  5. pants Says:

    Im sorry, again, and pants off dance off stupid. He could do tokeep from under the center.

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