oheu.jpg A’kum… I knw I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of days now… haven’t been feeling 100% lately and I just thought I might space out my updates for a few days rather than my usual daily updates… other than that blame the crappy connection…. so putting that aside… let’s see…. oh~ Gong Xi Fa Cai! and… eeerr.. ok it’s 11:45pm now so still valid.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sasa…. !! I’m still spethal coz New Zealand time doesn’t count keeeh~ hahahaha…. let’s see..what else… did I mention that I’m not feeling well….. hmm.. oh yea I did… so I guess that’s that…. my readers should knw how “interesting” my daily life can be…


American Idol have chosen their 24 finalists… and unfortunately my favourite Jimmy McNeal didn’t make the cut… it’s probably because he’s black… haha.. ok maybe not….but race-related justification is always the way to go when you can’t think of any other reason..haha.. but dang man! they should call this year’s AI… CELEBRITY AMERICAN IDOL.. I mean.. check it out…..there’s

   SNOOP DOGG                JACK OSBOURNE        

ai1.jpg ai3.jpg

…and of course.. Mr MIYAGI 


now… I wasn’t being racist.. afterall.. I am Asian.. so I pretty much have that ‘diss-Asians and it won’t be racist’ authority… hahaha.. wax on~ wax off~!

Nose Picking Helper: For Those Who Can’t Be Bothered


As much as I like my whacky gadgets.. I personally, wouldn’t want a a finger other than my own to be picking my nose man….sorry for over-sharing but baik tah ku kurik idung ku kai jari sendiri… nuff said……fortunately this looks lyk a photoshop…  

courtesy of ubergizmo

The Adventures of ‘Jipun Tidur Mati’ Pt III


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