paji.jpg  A’kum… jst got back from watching Ghost Rider….oh before I comment on the movie itself.. I just hafta say, watching the trailer of Fantastic Four 2 has never been the same for me since knowing that a quick shot of Silver Surfer’s metallic nards exists in the trailer….jst before Ghost Rider started, the trailer was shown and well, let’s just say I just couldn’t help but have that ‘see see, did u see that?! those are Silver Surfer’s nards maan!’ reaction….and I blame the jobless dude that started this and was too curious about the Surfer’s gender that he just had to freeze the frame… curse you!..haha…moving on to Ghost Rider….so how was it? welll~ it was okay i guess.. Eva Mendes was in it~ so a dude with a flaming skull didn’t really matter… haha.. no, but seriously… the plot was as expected….SHIT. However, it was action packed and it was enjoyable…..I didn’t really expect much prior to watching the film as it was meant to be one of those Popcorn flicks where not much thinking is needed in the 1st place….  so anyways, nothing much happened since my last post… I just had another interview and that was pretty much it… So at this stage, it’s pretty much make or break… hope all goes well.. Amin

iPhone Case


As I’m sure many know by now, Apple was sued by Cisco just a few hours after the iPhone was announced a while back for using the iPhone trademark/name… and a settlement has finally been made..

The companies said they reached an agreement that will allow Apple to use the name for its sleek new multimedia device in exchange for exploring wide-ranging “interoperability” between the companies’ products in the areas of security, consumer and business communications. No other details of the agreement were released. 

Additional clauses in the agreement state that Steve Jobs will stop calling Cisco’s VOIP phones, “Total pieces of garbage built on incredibly bad taste”, and that Cisco will be allowed to sit with the “Cool Kids” in the Cafeteria.

The Mouse That Got Lucky


There are two possibilities when owning this.. you may be the coolest dude on the block for having the best mousepad ever made.. or you’re jst one big perv who needs to go out more…

More Transformers The Movie Images




This was the Decepticon that could change into a cassette tape in the G1 Transformers cartoon so I wonder what he transforms into in the movie..


Megatron Head Designs

Personally, this is an improvement from the first leaked image of Megatron last year… I mean, sure he doesn’t look like the G1 Megatron..but at least they made him look really bad ass…


well.. alrighty then.. it’s getting late so I better go shoo now..~ 🙂


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