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March 31, 2007

..hmm.. *blank*

Gadgets That Never Was

You know, over the years we have been teased with gadgets that seemed probable and all we had to do was wait for some genius to turn it into reality..but it’s 2007, and we still don’t have it….and here are some of ’em…

The Hoverboard


Ever since the first time I laid eyes on the Hoverboard in Back To The Future II, it was always a dream of mine to get a hold of ’em.. that is, until I realized that it was about time that i grow up… hey, I can only dream…

Cool & functional T-Shirts


Need I say more?

Light Saber


Oh c’mon.. you’re definately bullshitting me if you never once thought how cool it would be to cut (please type the meat of your choice or whatever you fancy cutting here) with a light saber..



Ahh.. who wouldn’t want Rosie from the Jetsons… uuh.. no wait i take that back… she was annoying…

Flying cars


Aha! Flying cars! bah bila?! it can’t be that hard! …………….kan?

Michael Jackson going back to becoming BLACK!


…ok not really, I lied…sorry 2 disappoint folks… Hooowever~ he is planning on building a 50-foot robotic version of himself that will roam the desert of Las Vegas. The robot will be visible to airplanes landing in Vegas and I don’t know if it’s a means of boosting tourism or simply to scare them away. In addition, the Michael Jackson robot will fire laser beams. No word on whether it’ll make the “ow!” sound though… 


Makes Me Wonder

March 30, 2007

I had a written test this morning and just to get an idea of what it was like, just read Marha’s post on it coz I seriously can’t be bothered…..haha.. moving on to my updates….

Rambo coming through~


*dudududududududududu!!!!!* ok, that didn’t work…it was meant to be the sound of a firing machine gun…haha.. so anyways, With the success of Rocky Balboa, Stallone is coming out with another movie based on one of his iconic roles alongside Rocky which is of course the curly-haired bad ass himself, Rambo… the title? You guessed it, John Rambo… it worked the first time around with Rocky Balboa, but John Rambo? eeerr… so much for being creative… but that’s beside the point.. it seems that Sly Stallone is attempting to go out with a bang for this final installment of the Rambo series… Rocky Balboa was great so we’ll just have to see if he can pull this one off… anyways, here are first shots of Stallone as Rambo…

Deathly Hallows Covers

Not a fan… but I’m nice.. so here are the various book covers for the upcoming and final book of the Harry Pot(head)ter series which is due in stores on July 21st





*this is the never released Harry Potter book…

..urgh.. im sleepy… nyt nyt..

Salam ~

March 27, 2007


I notice how it’s somewhat lyk a norm to at least take a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil picture at least once.. or is it hear no evil, see no… no wait… or maybe it starts w/ speak no ev. . . . . . . . .well u knw wat i mean..well anyways, so i thought hey why not~ if you can’t beat em, join em right..and the result? Tadaaa~~ …hey it’s my blog so i can do watever I want…hahhaa… anyhooters…. I’m Happy today which is sucha a goody =)

insyAllah, I’ll post up my updates later on… Assalamualaikum

jeng jeng jeng

March 26, 2007

peekaboo.jpg Just got back from the airport sending off my parents for Umrah… u knw what that means…. HOUSE PARTY!! .. hahaha.. uuh, not really…  Astagaa~ … haha.. besides, my idea of a house party would be me in my PJs, flicking my lights on & off to generate that clubbing mood..and after 5 minutes of realizing how jobless I was for doing such a thing, off I go to bed and continue reading….. hahaha…. oh gosh, wat to do wat to do tomorrow… everyone’s just busy doing their own thing nowadays.. and maybe it’s about time i look for something part-time coz I am becoming broke as day passes by… and not to mention going *bengang face*

Album Review

Maliq & D’essentials – Free Your Mind


The soul maestros from Indonesia are back with their sophmore album entitled Free Your Mind. The album opens up with a track called Funk Flow!!! which pretty much sums up the direction that this album is heading to. As compared to their first album (aptly entitled, 1st), this album goes into a more 70s Bootsy Collins/Earth Wind & Fire-esque funk sound. Despite this transition, Maliq fans won’t be disappointed at all as the album from start to finish still retains that Music And Live Instruments Quality sound in which the band is known for. Other than it’s first single Heaven, I would recommend Menikmati Cinta, Apa Adanya, Masih Tersimpan, Deja Vu and ….Dan Ketika which I like to call Untitled (Pt. II) …this may be hypocritical, but BELI YANG ORIGINAL~! haha..hey, I’ll get mine as soon as I find it keeh~

while we’re on downloading music related issue.. this comic strip pretty much sums up on how I feel about it…


Move over Superman, coz here comes HE-MAN~~! “By The Power of Grey Skulll~!!”


It seems like Hollywood is running out of comic book heroes to adapt into the big screen.. well, there was of course Ghost Rider, Elektra and the upcoming Iron Man film..but what these three have in common is that they are all second class superheroes as compared to Spiderman, the Hulk, Superman, Batman and so on…So what do you do when you’ve pretty much run out of ideas… well, it seems that with the upcoming Transformers movie, the just-released CGI Ninja Turtles movie (great reviews btw),  and the currently in talks He-Man movie..Hollywood have shifted their focus on 80s cartoons to generate more *kaching!* in their pockets… in addition to this, Anime is also being adapted into the big screen such as the Wachowski Brothers’ (Matrix films; V For Vandetta) Speed Racer, with Emile Hirsch (Girl Next Door fame) recently casted as the title character… as well as others including Gatchaman and Astro Boy. Let’s just hope the guys at Tinseltown don’t screw these anime masterpieces like they do in almost every remake they come up with…


March 24, 2007


sorry, not tonight guys…


March 23, 2007

sggh.jpg it just amazes me how I can screw things up easily nowadays..i mean big time.. maybe I just have an ‘asshole chip’ built-in me…which is sucha bummer really… but hey, my only defence is that I’m only human.. anydoodly~ today was one of those depressing days or maybe I’m just not feeling well…I just decided to continue reading my book… and after a few chapters…naaah~ prolly after only a few pages, surprise-surprise, I fell asleep.. haha.. not coz it’s boring of course…I’m just not what u call a reader’s reader if u knw what I mean.. especially since it’s a Stephen King book…it’s just so detailed to the point that you can’t help but read slowly and picture the blood and guts just splattering all over the place… so far, I’m reading the part where a person bites of a flesh of another person’s neck… so it’s all good…heehee~……………………………………………………sigh

Swear Box


The term swear box should ring a bell for the lads of Centro (notably Rol, Shuks, Din, Gun, Bob and yours truly) ..I remember how we used to have a self-made swear box for Unit 28 back in the day..but our’s was called ‘kutak macal-macal’..haha..  for every swear word that comes out from anyone’s mouth, that person had to drop a coin in the box..but as expected, it didn’t last long… after about a week of trying we were lyk, “oh f*ck that..”.. just couldn’t be bothered…instead, the coins collected so far were used for bus/train fares to uni..haha…correct me if I’m wrong but i think kadamoi still owes us for her profanity blurting..haha…..those were the days man..

ok..imma end it here tonight.. sleepy dah ku… insyAllah, I’ll add up more entries later on… Assalamualaikum =)

Got me stuck between my fantasy and what is real

March 21, 2007

heya~ as expected, coming back from KK pretty much means coming back to reality… just decided to sleep in and do nothing today… but I’ve had better days….*smacks forehead*

Ne-Yo – Because Of You

ne-yo_-_know_me.jpg Another bangin’ track from your boy Shaffer  ‘Ne-Yo’ Smith… It’s the first single from his sophmore album ‘Know Me’ coming out sometime in April.. Produced by the Norweigian Hit-makers, Stargate, Because Of You is one of those great infatution songs that we rarely hear from today’s R&B acts.. The song basically tells the story of how a guy can be addicted to a girl to a point where he can’t get her out of his mind that easily even if he wanted to…  I first got the track back in February and it’s gotta be one of my fav tracks of all time… I’ve always pictured an old skool Michael Jackson type of feel if they made a video for it…well, the video finally got released last week and check out the moves maan~ hahaha..if that’s not Michael Jackson-inspired, then i don’t know what is…. 

Marvel Theme Park Coming To Dubai

Not really a big surprise considering how filthy rich Dubai is, but these dudes are at it again with a major project as they just announced that they are setting up an amusement park based on Marvel comics themes…  imagine that man, finally a place where wearing spandex won’t seem wierd at all….but u gotta admit, this is soooo cool~

United Arab Emirate-based Al Ahli Group and Marvel Entertainment, Inc. announced today a partnership that will bring Marvel’s full library of Super Heroes — including Spider-Man, Iron Man, The X-Men, Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer — to Dubai for a major new theme park destination being developed by AAG. The development is in line with the vision set by HH Shk. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, through his innovative entertainment and hospitality driven expansion projects for Dubai and the UAE.

The Al Ahli Group, under the leadership of Chairman Nasser Ali Khammas and driven by the idea and dedication of CEO Mohamed Khammas, is poised to bring the region’s first and only global theme park destination directly to the heart of the Emirates. AAG and Marvel are also in initial stages of discussions about additional projects throughout the greater Pan Arabia region.

AAG has been in discussions for more than two years with the owners of the world’s top intellectual properties in the entertainment arena and is extremely proud of its new long-term partnership with the world renowned Marvel brand. The Project will open in 2011 with a direct investment of over $1 billion USD. The creative team, which consists of some of the most spectacular creative minds from around the globe, will be based in Hollywood, Orlando and Dubai throughout the four year development process. New technology and unparalleled visitor experiences will be the hallmark of the theme park, creating a new standard for theme parks around the world.

David Maisel, Chairman of Marvel Studios and a member of the Office of the Chief Executive, Marvel Entertainment, said, “We are launching a long term relationship with the Al Ahli Group to bring the Marvel Universe to Dubai with this exciting new theme park development. Al Ahli Group has both an impressive team of theme park, entertainment and hospitality executives and the financial strength to leverage that expertise into a world-class destination resort experience unparalleled in the region. We are very pleased to be a part of this exciting initiative and look forward to a successful partnership with Mohamed Khammas and the Al Ahli Group.”

Mohamed Khammas, CEO of Al Ahli Group commented “Al Ali Group’s partnership with Marvel Entertainment serves a long pursued quest of creating the ultimate entertainment destination for families and children of the region and the world, a destination where they can live their childhood fantasies and create new memories for the entire family to cherish and remember. Family destinations have not evolved in Pan Arabia and thus it’s time that we cater to that demand and make the investment required for global tourism.

“Marvel is a brand that is recognized globally via its ever expanding list of ‘Super Hero’ characters. Now, it won’t be much longer until the children in Pan Arabia and the world can experience new and exciting rides with Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four and many other Super Heroes right here in the UAE.

“This partnership is a result of the appreciation and loyalty that Marvel has internationally, and was realized through the dedication and management of the Marvel team led by my friend David Maisel. Without his personal efforts and dedication, it would have been a long time before the world would be able to experience the Marvel Super Heroes in what we aim to be the best entertainment destination in the world. In 2011, Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel Super Heroes will set their first steps in Dubai.”

Article from SHH

The Grooming Man


This is actually an ad on a product by Philips called the Body Groom…now, what makes this shaver so unique than the rest is.. well, according to Mr.Bulu wearing the white robe up above there, it shaves everywhere.. and he means EVERYWHERE such as the, and i quote, “the untidy curls on and around your *bleep!*, as well as the hard to reach locks on the underside of your *bleep!* and *bleep!*”… haha.. well mister, I’ll take your word for it… to watch the ad, just click on Mr. Bulu over there… c’moonn~~ I knw u can’t resist that look he’s giving… hahaha

Shocker Glasses: keeps ur damn eyes open


So basically these glasses are designed to shock you when you’re nodding it works is that the glasses detect your level of wakefulness via the angle of your head which is stupid really, I mean.. what if you’re  using ’em to stay awake for lectures.. and u tilt ur head down to jot down your notes or to make a sandwich for that matter…*zap!*.. for $370, no thanx…  

Current Status: Ngalih….

March 20, 2007

Just got back from KK… 1st and foremost.. Selly, jauh hometown mu atu che.. i just realized how old i was when i couldn’t stop twisting and turning in the car… sangal jua jubur ulih nya.. but it’s all good… staying in Brunei and doing nothing had taken it’s toll to the point where I was becoming really bitchy… so a new environment was just what I needed…. hehehe… but it’s good to be back… oh and Marha! sorry cheng! I just got ur txt msg! coz I switched my sim card di KK~ ampun ampun~ hahaha

I need my rest tonight…and i need 2 get more credit 2morrow coz someone *cough* kadamoi *cough* answered my ‘MISS CALL’ just now and sampat lagi becakap tu!! hahah…nemyn-nemyn~ nasib aku baik =D *tingkatingkating* anyways, I’ll just do a recap of my trip tonight and post some pictures… enjoy 🙂

Day 1

CRUCIAL Checklist:

Fully Charged iPod & Phone *check*

My inhaler *check*

Last but not least extra pair of boxers *check*

Day one was the usual “weeeeee!! I’m going on a road trip!” mood… we stopped di Temburong for the night at my brother’s empty house (like literally empty as in no TV) since he was moving out soon… arrived there around 7pm and seriously didn’t do jack-shit other than have small talk… but most of it was silence, stare at the ceiling and walls while thinking of another topic to talk about… in short, memaloi lah…


Day 2

Finally, the day of the actual road trip… let’s see, what did we do… well obviously drove to KK… the 1st few hours was okay i suppose, since I still managed to fool around like a moron in the car… half way…the twists and turns began… and other than my ‘pheeeewws’, ‘sighs’, ‘wooooooooos’..there was silence…all that was running through my  mind was..”are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet..’ to the point where i managed to annoy the heck outta myself… 4 hours later.. there it was… *heavenly music*… KK maan~ the home of Selly~~~ checked into the apartment aaaaaanndd off I went tourist-ing~ weee~


Took a snap shot of the 2007 Nike Air Force One baby~ Had to take this picture discreetly before someone from sales went “ini tak boleh ambil gambar” .. well I did, so u can go and *unf* urself now mister..



After a long day of shopping/window shopping, we pretty much took a power nap for an hour or so… woke up around midnight and with nothing else to do, we decided to go to a club called Bed… so there I was, going into a club half awake while loud music was about to burst my eardrums…it wasn’t that bad i suppose…

Day 3

I really didn’t do anything special on the 3rd day other than the usual tourist-y things… oh oh, I finally found the book that I wanted …other than that, the day was simply ‘nyeeh’~


The Bolhasans


See see! Finally Got it! When I first went into the book store I was so bummed out coz I couldn’t find it….but I did…how? well… so there I was leaving the bookstore and walking pass the glass window with my muka sepuluh sen, when I saw this cute girl checking out books and I noticed that she was at the “horror” section which I totally missed (don’t know how but i did)..!!.. So I went back in and tada! there it was… hahaha.. as nerdy and sad as it may sound, I was iski of getting the book and checking if I had enough money in my wallet to even take a 2nd look at her afterwards…see, checking out girls once in a while turned out to be good afterall… hahaha…I started reading it last night and so far, it’s sooooo good~~  



Day 4 

It was finally time to go back… I was exhausted and broke.. so it was great timing..On our way home, we had the usual ‘bali buah-buahan on the roadside’ session.. well, not really WE… as u can tell from the picture below, I was busy bugging anyone while going “eh eh.. gambar aku! laju eh!” and the result… tada! melons anyone? hahaha


and now, here I am, back to my blogging chair, smelly, restless and about to continue reading my book and hopefully doze off….g’nyt folks 🙂 sorry

March 16, 2007

ghgjhghg.jpg what a day… i tell u, being honest can be sucha a pain in the ass….but then again, the truth may often hurt, yet i rather choose honesty than live a lie…but as I’ve said, it does hurt without a doubt.. but personally, it’s never intended in any way to be that way…but regardless…the truth of the matter is, i can be sucha poo-poo head at times….No.. make that most of the time…so i sincerely apologize to you…..ok, now that i got that out of the way….*grabs brown paper bag*…*uwek*… aaah~ better.. hahaha… 😉

Movie Review



Now, I’m just gonna do a simple review for this movie since there are already enough reviews on it out there… other than that, a lot of people have seen it..and how do I know this? well, put simply.. my msn list is filled w/ girls having “King Leonidas is hawt” as their nicks while guys have theirs saying “real men wear diapers”… so I’m sure this feeling is not only limited to my msn contacts… so anways, back to the movie.. well, ever since i wrote a post on 300 a few months ago, I always knew that the movie was going to kick ass since it’s based on a Frank Miller novel….and of course, the trailers pretty much gave an idea on what the movie was gonna look like visually…. it’s really one of those manly man type of movies (I’ve said this before, it’s the sort of movie that has enough testosterone to grow hair on Orlando Bloom’s chest) whereby watching half naked guys going to war won’t even seem like ur in the ‘other team’… rather u want more, regardless of how disturbing that may sound… Nevertheless, girls are also going to enjoy this film for obvious reasons… haha…. so the verdict?? well besides the fact that the movie made me lose my self-confidence coz unlike the spartans, parut ku boroi (but in a seksi way of course… hahaha) *kweng*kweng*kweng* ..I’de definately give it a Two Thumbs Up….

Freeze u mut!


Apparently being able to navigate through city streets and public transportation isn’t enough — now seeing eye dogs are being trained to use ATMs for their disabled masters. I wonder if they’re fixed with razor sharp metal teeth, u knw jst in case they get mugged or something… and and, what if you can’t touch dogs? do they replace them w/ cats? does that even work? I mean having cats, I knw for a fact that all they do is clean their balls… no wait i knw i knw… wat about monkeys!! i laik monkeys…….of course not in the way Michael Jackson likes ’em… what are we talking about again?

Appropriatness 101

#1: How to differentiate between being appropriate and inappropriate





hahaha…no lah.. these pictures actually brings good memories of our trip to Byron Bay.. I remember when we shot this, the last thing I heard someone say was.. “eh palui kamu ani..tu manager kadai meliat ah” ..haha.. oh much for “blending in”…. so anways…this has gt to be one of our memorable road trips ever…(apart from JiRol pissing me off at this one particular Fish & Chip shop).. I mean of course we did a lot of shit along the way and not to mention got lost…..haha…. but jst to keep things short, the best part was stopping at Nimbin where..well let’s just say it’ll definately be Snoop Dogg’s favourite hang out town…


okie dokie… i better end it here.. I’m still deciding if i should tag along w/ my brothers isuk to KK… hmmm~ maybe I should….we’ll see… taa~ 


March 14, 2007

haaaiiz.jpg I’m sure many know by now how boreng my daily routines have been but for some reason, today has got to be one of the boreng-est of them all… i really don’t know why… but on that note, I haven’t really been my usual jolly-jolly self lately…just before i go on, i’m gonna do a blogger’s blog for this entry tonight so just bare with me…so anways, i don’t know if its the lack of fresh air considering that I haven’t been out of the house this past few days; maybe it’s just the fact that it’s late and it’s just one of those late night jibberish of mine; or even possibly I’m just plain hungry thus the cranky-ness… but whatever it is, I’ve just been thinking about something in particular in which I’ve been questioning on whether I’m being selfish or maybe I’m just simply making the whole thing seem like a big deal that I’m letting it get to me….or maybe I should be more patient and stop being sucha a baby about it….afterall, I am at a stage where despite the fact that I’m bored outta my mind, I suppose, I am Happy-er than I was before……but…..well u knw, there’s always a ‘BUT’….which of course I’m not gonna say…..i may be doing a ‘dear diary’ sorta entry today but this is the point where I shush… this entry is ‘too deep’ for my usual liking anyway..haha…..whatever it may be, the fact of the matter is, it just kinda bums me out and being the ‘no-holds bar’ me, if this still bugs me out even after I sleep on it… I’ll prolly do something about it.. at the mean time, imma be a rat in the kitchen trying to fix something up for my tummy and watch a bit of ceta antu in hopes that it’ll scare me shitless that I’ll forget about the whole thing….. *sniff*  <—– ok, this is the part where u feel sorry for me and say ‘aaaaaw…come ‘ere u~ *olulululu*’….  preferably from girls… no wait, lemme rephrase that, IT HAS TO come from girls…. *brows go up & down*..HAHAHA!! i was kidding ok… i may be girl deprived but alum ku kan lapai… speaking of lapai… lapar ku eh…. *off to d kitchen sniffing around*….weeee~~

Ahhh~ The Good Ol’ Days Segment

This is what I like to call, a sequence picture… the scenario here is pretty much self-explanatory…this is a sneak preview of what goes on the daily lives of the Centros..


this is Din when he’s hungry


and when Din’s hungry.. anything goes….even if it means having to shove his housemate into the stove…unfortunately in this case, that person was me

king.JPG the end of the day, he felt bad about it and insisted on being my personal slave for the night and decided to feed me grapes…they’re golden i might add… there u have it, the beauty of being a Centro…


more updates up ahead… like i said, I’m too hungry at the moment… 🙂 Assalamualaikum

*oh and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maurina…i knw i knw lambat sehari..sorry Mauu~ =)