….. a picture is worth a thousand words and yes I am back…..miss me? haha.. i doubt it… but if you were wondering why I was gone, well as much as I wanna say.. “to get my social life back..” I’ll simply be B.S-ing u guys.. coz honestly, I haven’t done shit that’s even close to interesting…..I’ve been…uum.. occupied, but most of it was coz I was malas maaan~…well, other than that… let’s just hope I’ll continue updating shitsoil frequently as before……hmmm…..naaaw….but probably not…. 😛

So much for the Blogging-frenzy


The girl in the picture is damn fine~ …..but anyway, I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned.. it seems that my my days as a blogger seems to be numbered as NEC’s PaPero may be taking over.  It can blog for its master by listening to what you tell it, searching the web for related multimedia content, and composing a post all on its own and putting it online. Yeah I’m sure there are those who go… ‘nyeeh~…’ but here’s the BUT bit… unlike you, robots don’t get distracted by YouTube… and *cough*…….porn……… haha… moreover, if the PaPero’s got a sense of humor built in.. I’m screwed man and myt as well jst quit now…..

Album Review

Musiq Soulchild – Luvanmusiq


Not only does Musiq gets back his Soulchild moniker..but after 2 previous albums (Juslisen & Soulstar) which I personally felt didn’t have enough umph to top his debut album…it is safe to say that  he is back w/ a vengeance on Luvanmusiq where every track embodies the classsic Musiq that we all seem to love…what makes this album so great is not only due to the soul-drenched tracks but arguably, the main strong point is Musiq’s stroytelling ability and the album’s variety and adaptability, may it be played in the car, in the bedroom, in the morning, at night etc… Other than his usual collaborators Carvin & Ivan, Luvanmusiq also includes production by Raphael Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Tone!) as well as The Underdogs. The highlights of the album are B.U.D.D.Y, Today, Makeyouhappy, Teachme and my personal favourite Greatestlove…. enjoy 🙂

Play With Yourself?


Friend: So what have you been up to?

You: I’ve been playing with myself *big smile*

Friend: …….. *sprints away like a mad man*

Telling someone that you’ve been playing with yourself and it sounding disturbing may be a thing of the past.. coz now, there’s the Human Player from Bandai… it’s pretty much like tamagochi… but instead, your pet is… uum.. YOU… well, yea…I’m not sure how it exactly works… but with this thing worth $25.. I dnt think I’d want to waste my time taking care of myself  knowing that I can simply do that for free by sitting around and watching SpongBob Squarepants with nothing but my boxers………oh, did I jst say that out loud

I Present To You…

THE HUMPING ROBOT… now this i what I call entertainment (the kooky background music jst adds more umph! to it..hahhahaha)


3 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. emma29 Says:

    finallllyyy……. heheheh welcomee backkk shitsoill…. *clap hands iskily*…. yes we do miss you lah!!! hehehe..

  2. BEAVER Says:


  3. its me laa Says:

    Jeez.. its about time!! we missed u what..

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