haaaiiz.jpg I’m sure many know by now how boreng my daily routines have been but for some reason, today has got to be one of the boreng-est of them all… i really don’t know why… but on that note, I haven’t really been my usual jolly-jolly self lately…just before i go on, i’m gonna do a blogger’s blog for this entry tonight so just bare with me…so anways, i don’t know if its the lack of fresh air considering that I haven’t been out of the house this past few days; maybe it’s just the fact that it’s late and it’s just one of those late night jibberish of mine; or even possibly I’m just plain hungry thus the cranky-ness… but whatever it is, I’ve just been thinking about something in particular in which I’ve been questioning on whether I’m being selfish or maybe I’m just simply making the whole thing seem like a big deal that I’m letting it get to me….or maybe I should be more patient and stop being sucha a baby about it….afterall, I am at a stage where despite the fact that I’m bored outta my mind, I suppose, I am Happy-er than I was before……but…..well u knw, there’s always a ‘BUT’….which of course I’m not gonna say…..i may be doing a ‘dear diary’ sorta entry today but this is the point where I shush… this entry is ‘too deep’ for my usual liking anyway..haha…..whatever it may be, the fact of the matter is, it just kinda bums me out and being the ‘no-holds bar’ me, if this still bugs me out even after I sleep on it… I’ll prolly do something about it.. at the mean time, imma be a rat in the kitchen trying to fix something up for my tummy and watch a bit of ceta antu in hopes that it’ll scare me shitless that I’ll forget about the whole thing….. *sniff*  <—– ok, this is the part where u feel sorry for me and say ‘aaaaaw…come ‘ere u~ *olulululu*’….  preferably from girls… no wait, lemme rephrase that, IT HAS TO come from girls…. *brows go up & down*..HAHAHA!! i was kidding ok… i may be girl deprived but alum ku kan lapai… speaking of lapai… lapar ku eh…. *off to d kitchen sniffing around*….weeee~~

Ahhh~ The Good Ol’ Days Segment

This is what I like to call, a sequence picture… the scenario here is pretty much self-explanatory…this is a sneak preview of what goes on the daily lives of the Centros..


this is Din when he’s hungry


and when Din’s hungry.. anything goes….even if it means having to shove his housemate into the stove…unfortunately in this case, that person was me


..at the end of the day, he felt bad about it and insisted on being my personal slave for the night and decided to feed me grapes…they’re golden i might add…..hahaha..so there u have it, the beauty of being a Centro…


more updates up ahead… like i said, I’m too hungry at the moment… 🙂 Assalamualaikum

*oh and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maurina…i knw i knw lambat sehari..sorry Mauu~ =)


4 Responses to “…bummer”

  1. maurina Says:

    lambat nda hairan.. lucky for u.. i accept greetings up till june :p

  2. Marha Says:

    1. you ARE being a baby!!! Haha ;p

    2. Welcome back! I thought it was the end of shitsoil

    3. Din’s being a slave, huh? Inda ku salah baca kah tu ;p

  3. shitsoil Says:

    I AM NOT BEING A BABY! ..ok maybe jst a teeny weeny bit..haha >P

  4. emma29 Says:

    Hii babyyy shitsoil.. *hehe now that sounds bida!’

    maurinaaa bday???

    maurina: happppy birthdayyy dalingggg…… (belated ni banar… Grr)

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