..im sorry

ghgjhghg.jpg what a day… i tell u, being honest can be sucha a pain in the ass….but then again, the truth may often hurt, yet i rather choose honesty than live a lie…but as I’ve said, it does hurt without a doubt.. but personally, it’s never intended in any way to be that way…but regardless…the truth of the matter is, i can be sucha poo-poo head at times….No.. make that most of the time…so i sincerely apologize to you…..ok, now that i got that out of the way….*grabs brown paper bag*…*uwek*… aaah~ better.. hahaha… 😉

Movie Review



Now, I’m just gonna do a simple review for this movie since there are already enough reviews on it out there… other than that, a lot of people have seen it..and how do I know this? well, put simply.. my msn list is filled w/ girls having “King Leonidas is hawt” as their nicks while guys have theirs saying “real men wear diapers”… so I’m sure this feeling is not only limited to my msn contacts… so anways, back to the movie.. well, ever since i wrote a post on 300 a few months ago, I always knew that the movie was going to kick ass since it’s based on a Frank Miller novel….and of course, the trailers pretty much gave an idea on what the movie was gonna look like visually…. it’s really one of those manly man type of movies (I’ve said this before, it’s the sort of movie that has enough testosterone to grow hair on Orlando Bloom’s chest) whereby watching half naked guys going to war won’t even seem like ur in the ‘other team’… rather u want more, regardless of how disturbing that may sound… Nevertheless, girls are also going to enjoy this film for obvious reasons… haha…. so the verdict?? well besides the fact that the movie made me lose my self-confidence coz unlike the spartans, parut ku boroi (but in a seksi way of course… hahaha) *kweng*kweng*kweng* ..I’de definately give it a Two Thumbs Up….

Freeze u mut!


Apparently being able to navigate through city streets and public transportation isn’t enough — now seeing eye dogs are being trained to use ATMs for their disabled masters. I wonder if they’re fixed with razor sharp metal teeth, u knw jst in case they get mugged or something… and and, what if you can’t touch dogs? do they replace them w/ cats? does that even work? I mean having cats, I knw for a fact that all they do is clean their balls… no wait i knw i knw… wat about monkeys!! i laik monkeys…….of course not in the way Michael Jackson likes ’em… what are we talking about again?

Appropriatness 101

#1: How to differentiate between being appropriate and inappropriate





hahaha…no lah.. these pictures actually brings good memories of our trip to Byron Bay.. I remember when we shot this, the last thing I heard someone say was.. “eh palui kamu ani..tu manager kadai meliat ah” ..haha.. oh well..so much for “blending in”…. so anways…this has gt to be one of our memorable road trips ever…(apart from JiRol pissing me off at this one particular Fish & Chip shop).. I mean of course we did a lot of shit along the way and not to mention got lost…..haha…. but jst to keep things short, the best part was stopping at Nimbin where..well let’s just say it’ll definately be Snoop Dogg’s favourite hang out town…


okie dokie… i better end it here.. I’m still deciding if i should tag along w/ my brothers isuk to KK… hmmm~ maybe I should….we’ll see… taa~ 


One Response to “..im sorry”

  1. emma29 Says:


    u r also going to kk? Ill be going on a roadtrip to kk ltr. Maybe ill see u there… Haha kana ucaptah ku stalking si shitsoil ni krg… Pfffttt……

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