Current Status: Ngalih….

Just got back from KK… 1st and foremost.. Selly, jauh hometown mu atu che.. i just realized how old i was when i couldn’t stop twisting and turning in the car… sangal jua jubur ulih nya.. but it’s all good… staying in Brunei and doing nothing had taken it’s toll to the point where I was becoming really bitchy… so a new environment was just what I needed…. hehehe… but it’s good to be back… oh and Marha! sorry cheng! I just got ur txt msg! coz I switched my sim card di KK~ ampun ampun~ hahaha

I need my rest tonight…and i need 2 get more credit 2morrow coz someone *cough* kadamoi *cough* answered my ‘MISS CALL’ just now and sampat lagi becakap tu!! hahah…nemyn-nemyn~ nasib aku baik =D *tingkatingkating* anyways, I’ll just do a recap of my trip tonight and post some pictures… enjoy 🙂

Day 1

CRUCIAL Checklist:

Fully Charged iPod & Phone *check*

My inhaler *check*

Last but not least extra pair of boxers *check*

Day one was the usual “weeeeee!! I’m going on a road trip!” mood… we stopped di Temburong for the night at my brother’s empty house (like literally empty as in no TV) since he was moving out soon… arrived there around 7pm and seriously didn’t do jack-shit other than have small talk… but most of it was silence, stare at the ceiling and walls while thinking of another topic to talk about… in short, memaloi lah…


Day 2

Finally, the day of the actual road trip… let’s see, what did we do… well obviously drove to KK… the 1st few hours was okay i suppose, since I still managed to fool around like a moron in the car… half way…the twists and turns began… and other than my ‘pheeeewws’, ‘sighs’, ‘wooooooooos’..there was silence…all that was running through my  mind was..”are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet..’ to the point where i managed to annoy the heck outta myself… 4 hours later.. there it was… *heavenly music*… KK maan~ the home of Selly~~~ checked into the apartment aaaaaanndd off I went tourist-ing~ weee~


Took a snap shot of the 2007 Nike Air Force One baby~ Had to take this picture discreetly before someone from sales went “ini tak boleh ambil gambar” .. well I did, so u can go and *unf* urself now mister..



After a long day of shopping/window shopping, we pretty much took a power nap for an hour or so… woke up around midnight and with nothing else to do, we decided to go to a club called Bed… so there I was, going into a club half awake while loud music was about to burst my eardrums…it wasn’t that bad i suppose…

Day 3

I really didn’t do anything special on the 3rd day other than the usual tourist-y things… oh oh, I finally found the book that I wanted …other than that, the day was simply ‘nyeeh’~


The Bolhasans


See see! Finally Got it! When I first went into the book store I was so bummed out coz I couldn’t find it….but I did…how? well… so there I was leaving the bookstore and walking pass the glass window with my muka sepuluh sen, when I saw this cute girl checking out books and I noticed that she was at the “horror” section which I totally missed (don’t know how but i did)..!!.. So I went back in and tada! there it was… hahaha.. as nerdy and sad as it may sound, I was iski of getting the book and checking if I had enough money in my wallet to even take a 2nd look at her afterwards…see, checking out girls once in a while turned out to be good afterall… hahaha…I started reading it last night and so far, it’s sooooo good~~  



Day 4 

It was finally time to go back… I was exhausted and broke.. so it was great timing..On our way home, we had the usual ‘bali buah-buahan on the roadside’ session.. well, not really WE… as u can tell from the picture below, I was busy bugging anyone while going “eh eh.. gambar aku! laju eh!” and the result… tada! melons anyone? hahaha


and now, here I am, back to my blogging chair, smelly, restless and about to continue reading my book and hopefully doze off….g’nyt folks 🙂


One Response to “Current Status: Ngalih….”

  1. emma29 Says:

    ooo.. u r d one who is different from ur brothers aaa.. haha barutah ku notice dlm pichas aaa

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