sggh.jpg it just amazes me how I can screw things up easily nowadays..i mean big time.. maybe I just have an ‘asshole chip’ built-in me…which is sucha bummer really… but hey, my only defence is that I’m only human.. anydoodly~ today was one of those depressing days or maybe I’m just not feeling well…I just decided to continue reading my book… and after a few chapters…naaah~ prolly after only a few pages, surprise-surprise, I fell asleep.. haha.. not coz it’s boring of course…I’m just not what u call a reader’s reader if u knw what I mean.. especially since it’s a Stephen King book…it’s just so detailed to the point that you can’t help but read slowly and picture the blood and guts just splattering all over the place… so far, I’m reading the part where a person bites of a flesh of another person’s neck… so it’s all good…heehee~……………………………………………………sigh

Swear Box


The term swear box should ring a bell for the lads of Centro (notably Rol, Shuks, Din, Gun, Bob and yours truly) ..I remember how we used to have a self-made swear box for Unit 28 back in the day..but our’s was called ‘kutak macal-macal’..haha..  for every swear word that comes out from anyone’s mouth, that person had to drop a coin in the box..but as expected, it didn’t last long… after about a week of trying we were lyk, “oh f*ck that..”.. just couldn’t be bothered…instead, the coins collected so far were used for bus/train fares to uni..haha…correct me if I’m wrong but i think kadamoi still owes us for her profanity blurting..haha…..those were the days man..

ok..imma end it here tonight.. sleepy dah ku… insyAllah, I’ll add up more entries later on… Assalamualaikum =)


One Response to “Incomplete”

  1. Tango Says:

    Haha kutak macal-macal~ I remember Jon told me about it ages ago. I guess u miss Centro huh? Drg masa ani addicted to CS and apparently poker.. Anyways, hope all is well with you.

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