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peekaboo.jpg Just got back from the airport sending off my parents for Umrah… u knw what that means…. HOUSE PARTY!! .. hahaha.. uuh, not really…  Astagaa~ … haha.. besides, my idea of a house party would be me in my PJs, flicking my lights on & off to generate that clubbing mood..and after 5 minutes of realizing how jobless I was for doing such a thing, off I go to bed and continue reading….. hahaha…. oh gosh, wat to do wat to do tomorrow… everyone’s just busy doing their own thing nowadays.. and maybe it’s about time i look for something part-time coz I am becoming broke as day passes by… and not to mention going *bengang face*

Album Review

Maliq & D’essentials – Free Your Mind


The soul maestros from Indonesia are back with their sophmore album entitled Free Your Mind. The album opens up with a track called Funk Flow!!! which pretty much sums up the direction that this album is heading to. As compared to their first album (aptly entitled, 1st), this album goes into a more 70s Bootsy Collins/Earth Wind & Fire-esque funk sound. Despite this transition, Maliq fans won’t be disappointed at all as the album from start to finish still retains that Music And Live Instruments Quality sound in which the band is known for. Other than it’s first single Heaven, I would recommend Menikmati Cinta, Apa Adanya, Masih Tersimpan, Deja Vu and ….Dan Ketika which I like to call Untitled (Pt. II) …this may be hypocritical, but BELI YANG ORIGINAL~! haha..hey, I’ll get mine as soon as I find it keeh~

while we’re on downloading music related issue.. this comic strip pretty much sums up on how I feel about it…


Move over Superman, coz here comes HE-MAN~~! “By The Power of Grey Skulll~!!”


It seems like Hollywood is running out of comic book heroes to adapt into the big screen.. well, there was of course Ghost Rider, Elektra and the upcoming Iron Man film..but what these three have in common is that they are all second class superheroes as compared to Spiderman, the Hulk, Superman, Batman and so on…So what do you do when you’ve pretty much run out of ideas… well, it seems that with the upcoming Transformers movie, the just-released CGI Ninja Turtles movie (great reviews btw),  and the currently in talks He-Man movie..Hollywood have shifted their focus on 80s cartoons to generate more *kaching!* in their pockets… in addition to this, Anime is also being adapted into the big screen such as the Wachowski Brothers’ (Matrix films; V For Vandetta) Speed Racer, with Emile Hirsch (Girl Next Door fame) recently casted as the title character… as well as others including Gatchaman and Astro Boy. Let’s just hope the guys at Tinseltown don’t screw these anime masterpieces like they do in almost every remake they come up with…


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