Makes Me Wonder

I had a written test this morning and just to get an idea of what it was like, just read Marha’s post on it coz I seriously can’t be bothered…..haha.. moving on to my updates….

Rambo coming through~


*dudududududududududu!!!!!* ok, that didn’t work…it was meant to be the sound of a firing machine gun…haha.. so anyways, With the success of Rocky Balboa, Stallone is coming out with another movie based on one of his iconic roles alongside Rocky which is of course the curly-haired bad ass himself, Rambo… the title? You guessed it, John Rambo… it worked the first time around with Rocky Balboa, but John Rambo? eeerr… so much for being creative… but that’s beside the point.. it seems that Sly Stallone is attempting to go out with a bang for this final installment of the Rambo series… Rocky Balboa was great so we’ll just have to see if he can pull this one off… anyways, here are first shots of Stallone as Rambo…

Deathly Hallows Covers

Not a fan… but I’m nice.. so here are the various book covers for the upcoming and final book of the Harry Pot(head)ter series which is due in stores on July 21st





*this is the never released Harry Potter book…

..urgh.. im sleepy… nyt nyt..


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