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Gadgets That Never Was

You know, over the years we have been teased with gadgets that seemed probable and all we had to do was wait for some genius to turn it into reality..but it’s 2007, and we still don’t have it….and here are some of ’em…

The Hoverboard


Ever since the first time I laid eyes on the Hoverboard in Back To The Future II, it was always a dream of mine to get a hold of ’em.. that is, until I realized that it was about time that i grow up… hey, I can only dream…

Cool & functional T-Shirts


Need I say more?

Light Saber


Oh c’mon.. you’re definately bullshitting me if you never once thought how cool it would be to cut (please type the meat of your choice or whatever you fancy cutting here) with a light saber..



Ahh.. who wouldn’t want Rosie from the Jetsons… uuh.. no wait i take that back… she was annoying…

Flying cars


Aha! Flying cars! bah bila?! it can’t be that hard! …………….kan?

Michael Jackson going back to becoming BLACK!


…ok not really, I lied…sorry 2 disappoint folks… Hooowever~ he is planning on building a 50-foot robotic version of himself that will roam the desert of Las Vegas. The robot will be visible to airplanes landing in Vegas and I don’t know if it’s a means of boosting tourism or simply to scare them away. In addition, the Michael Jackson robot will fire laser beams. No word on whether it’ll make the “ow!” sound though… 


One Response to “hmph”

  1. emma29 Says:

    And i thought u wanted this ‘rosie’ hahahahaha

    slow aku ah hehe.. Dun blame me.. My phone doesnt show images keke… Sekali i read some more…. Rosie From the jetsons panya.. *cheh* :p

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