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April 30, 2007

Hi guys, sorry for the brief absence… I’ve got a good excuse this time since I’ve been having disruptions on my’s not really 100% back to normal yet so let me just sort things out before I post more updates keh… insyAllah, I’ll see you soon… 🙂 


At the very thought of you

April 26, 2007

fgtajkdjks.jpg sorry sorry~ Ive been behind my usual updates.. it’s been almost a week huh~.. eh jap jap.. gatal telinga ku eh.. *garu*.. ok so anyways.. hmm.. wat was i gonna say…oh nevermind…so hmm… I’ve got a few things to post.. so where should i start~……AHA!

Mau besa’ or keci’?


Ok firstly, shitsoil does not promote any body feature enhancements.. hahaha.. but what better way to start a post by posting something booby related~ ok i’m just kidding but this is hilarious…..these are the adjustable breast other words, breast implants for the indecisive.. It has a port where a control can be plugged so whether u want ’em big or sedang-sedang aja while listening to My Humps, is really up to u… so that’s one happy news for Stacey or Jimmy (soon to be Jane)..

No Ali Baba

pop.jpg So what does Michaell Bay have in store after the Transformers? According to reports, he will once again reteam with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney for a big screen adaptaion of the best selling video game, Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time.

The game is set in medieval Persia, Earth’s mightiest and most mysterious kingdom, where a king and his son defeat the powerful Maharajah and kidnap his daughter, looting his palace of priceless treasure, including an extravagant hourglass, and a mysterious dagger.

What the Prince does not realize, is that these two objects can turn their possessor into an immortal god, and give him control over time itself. Tricked by a dying Vizier bent on harnessing this terrible magic for himself, the Prince releases the sands of time, destroying a kingdom and turning its populace into ferocious demons. Only the Prince, the Vizier, and Princess Farah, the kidnapped daughter of the Maharajah, remain unchanged. Now, it is up to the young Prince of Persia to call upon every resource and ounce of courage he possesses to save his kingdom and redeem his fatal mistake.

So I guess Bruckheimer and Disney’s attempting to get another hit with this after they’re done with the Pirates of the Carribean franchise…let’s see if they can still work their magic……The studio is eyeing for a 2009 release..

Soul Glo: Makes ur hair wet and ur sofa wet-er

A few days ago I was just thinking how Eddie Murphy comes out with really shitty movies nowadays… whatever happened to the trash talking Murphy that we used to love in Beverly Hills Cop48Hrs and of course, my favourite…Coming To America.. then i remembered something, and i’m sure those who’ve seen Coming To America know this as well.. the Soul Glo ad man! haha…never fails to crack me up everytime…. it’s basically a fake commercial made for the movie which pokes fun at those ridiculously cheesy 80s hair product ads……. and check out the song used for it…”just let your sooouuuuulll glooooo~~ woooh!~”…. simply priceless

Life Of The Party

April 20, 2007

Salam Jumaat.. I’mma do an early post today while I’m in my updating mood at the moment…

Ronaldinho Nike Zoom Dunks

Lemme just start off by posting my Sneaker preview.. it’s been ages since I’v done one of these…. but these ones are worth mentioning.. The Ronaldinho Nike Air Zoom. The sneakers will release in both the home (blue/red) and away (neon green/grey) kit colors of his club FC Barcelona. The outstep on the forefoot has the message ‘03-XX embroidered to indicate 2003 as the year he made his £50 million transfer from Paris St.-Germain to Barcelona and the XX to indicate an indefinite stay.



courtesy of

Album Review

Ne-Yo – Because Of You

 ne-yo_becauseofyou_album.jpg Ne-Yo is back the 2nd time around for his latest offering Because Of You (orginally Know Me)… unlike his previous effort, the majority of this album is filled with upbeat songs.. so unfortunately, those looking for a ‘So Sick’ successor may be disappointed… nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it is any less good…I don’t really know how to put it in words, but this album pretty much reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall from back in the day, notably Because of You and Can We Chill…. another highlight from the album would also be the Jennifer Hudson duet track, Leaving Tonight which is a reminisce of those ol skool Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell duet tracks…..


1. Because Of You
2. Crazy (featuring Jay-Z)
3. Can We Chill
4. Do You
5. Addicted
6. Leaving Tonight (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
7. Ain’t Thinking About You
8. Sex With My Ex
9. Angel
10. Make It Work
11. Say It
12. Go On Girl

Catch of The Day.. or night


I haven’t been sleeping well for a couple of days.. so I’m willing to try everything that may work…yes, even a salmon pillow that’s guaranteed Mercury-Free, stays fresh……and slobber infested after a few good night’s sleep   

your friendly neighbourhood….

April 19, 2007


This just in! Apparently in the 3rd film… Spiderman not only gets the black suite, but he actually thinks he’s black!…ok, no..not really……….

We are finally in the Spiderman III mood.. and the lucky bastards in the land of the rising sun are the 1st ones to get an exclusive sneak of the new film a few days ago on Monday while the rest of us mortals have to wait til May 4th..or is it on the 5th?…. hmmm.. well anyways, c Dud was lucky enough to at least get a glimpse of the Spiderman 3 premiere in Tokyo, despite – and i quote – “the grumpy security kuso baba” coming up to her to stop taking pictures… confirm, that’s definately a kuso baba tu dud..i taught u well my child…. haha.. well, anyways it’s coming out here in Brunei and the rest of the world in about 2 weeks time but don’t expect me to be 1st in line during its premiere coz I’ll probably be sleeping or munching something at home while everyone else is being friendly, though not intentionally, standing in line to the point where kan betamu gigi from all the asak-asaking….but then again, never say never…..speaking of premiers… i remember the last time I went to a movie premiere was in Brisbane to catch the Matrix Revolutions premiere.. since they were showing it simultaniously worldwide, Australia got the 12 midnight slot… which was no biggie since I lived across the cinema….. so there I was, in my baju rumah walking into the mall at 12 midnight while everyone there were wearing their Matrix gear..and this wasn’t what you’d categorize as angat-angat tai ayam coz these dudes were fanataics that they probably thought me walking in my sluar tidur pindik was a glitch in the Matrix…so anyways, like I said it was 12 midnight and I had to force myself to stay awake the whole time…but halfway, the sandman caught me and I dozed off (probably snoring too)…aaand I woke up ngam when the credits were rolling.. pffft… so much for the Matrix premiere…

anyways, no updates for now coz.. well u knw the drill… it’s either aku malas or aku kalat mata… in this case, it’s the latter…adios amigos.. nyt~ Assalamualaikum


Woof-woof and awaay~

I’m sure dog lovers out there may come across this problem at least once….your dog humping either your furniture or your date’s leg… well worry no more, coz there’s finally Hotball…it’s shaped like a dog and it let’s your dog go woofing as much as his lil heart desires until he passes out in exhaustion for allI care…… welcome to the 21st century my friends…



eeek.. *looks at clock* okie~ I gta go..~ more updates later on insyAllah… oh btw.. Sanjaya is out.. hahah~  sorry for being a party pooper.. i just couldn’t resist.. 

One of the same

April 18, 2007

ASSALAMUALAIKUM ~~~~ I haven’t been doing anything lately really.. Just continued reading my book which I left bookmarked at page 90 or so for a couple of weeks… and i finally had the chance to really read it and finish it this few days… I’m not really that much of a book critic, but Cell has got to be one of Stephen King’s best work…


The event became known as The Pulse. The virus was carried by every cellular phone operating in the world. Within hours, those receiving calls would be infected.

Clayton Riddell, a young artist, knows he has to reach his son before the young boy switches on his phone. And time is running out.

Like another of my King favourites, The Stand (arguably his best work so far), Cell has that apocalyptic vibe to it…and clearly, this is also a tribute to George Romero, the dude who brought Zombie-fest into the forefront….. so anyways, back to the book.. well, like many of his books, what makes this one so appealing is his storytelling technique and the details he puts into every line, which not only keeps the reader wanting to know more, but to an extent it pulls you in the book itself somewhat as a spectator….. but unlike any of George Romero’s work, this is not merely a mindless zombie-gore-fest.. rather, it is a smartly written character-driven and an emotionally charged novel….the VERDICT…. ..well…. I’m smiling aren’t I


For those who are too lazy to read it… don’t worry coz Dimension Films has acquired rights to the novel with Eli Roth (Hostel I & II) set to direct…..and it will start production probably by the end of 2007…. BUT, changes will be made by Eli to add his own twist to it (with Stephen King’s blessings of course)….. based on Eli’s work such as Cabin Fever, Hostel and the mini Grindhouse trailer, Thanksgiving, I have a feeling he’s going for a more visual FX type of movie for this one… So I’m guessing that you may be missing a lot…so READ THE BOOK!.. haha.. majal…

Orang Kuat Warna ‘ijau

Personally, I thought the Ang Lee-directed Hulk movie that came out a couple of years back sucked…and apparently many agree..what didn’t work for that film was…well…Ang Lee…… most of his other work, he tried to make the movie artistic, which of course worked amazingly with Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon..but with the Hulk, instead of making him simply as the dude who was exposed to gamma rays and turned into an angry green guy, he opted for a more… ‘ooh~ I may be green and angry on the outside, but really, I’m just misunderstood’ kind of feel……Thankfully, Marvel Studios didn’t give up, rather they decided to restart it with the aptly titled THE INCREDIBLE HULK… so what do I know so far about the film.. well, it will be directed by Louis Leterrier (Transporter I & II, Unleashed), Zekk Penn (X-Men movies and yes, he also wrote the previous HULK film..) will screenwrite it….before I go on to revealing who will play Bruce Banner/Hulk.. let me just say, unlike the previous movie.. this WILL be more action packed, which means more destruction from the Hulk and I HOPE, he’ll finally say “HULK SMASH!” like in the cartoons… haha.. ok maybe not… so anyways, the moment that you all have been waiting for.. the lucky guy who will be wearing the torn purple pants will be~


…..EDWARD NORTON! At first it kinda bummed me out coz Eric Bana (from the 1st movie) did a wonderful job playing Bruce Banner..and besides, he’s Australian.. so OZ OZ OZeeeeh~! Oai Em Ousterayleeun kali ah~ hahaha.. well, at least at heart I am… haha.. so anyways, despite this unfortunate fact, I am happy that Edward Norton will take his place.. he’s got the scrawny/nerdy Bruce Banner look.. and at the same time he can be sucha a badass…I mean check out Fight Club or American History X… so Eddie, do us proud….and to Ang, I suggest you make Brokeback Mountain II: My Horse & I ….. oh I’m jst kidding~ sheesh…

it’s getting late.. so since I’m trying to avoid someone’s parang for sleeping late.. it’s best that I go to bed now.. haha.. heee~ 😀


Iron Man Armor revealed

Here’s a first look at the Iron Man Armor. I know it doesn’t look much, but this is supposedly the ‘Mark 1’ armor which I assume Tony Stark uses to escape from his captors during one of the earlier scenes from the movie… The junky-looking armor actually makes it look awesome coz it makes it more believeable and it is clearly a throwback to the earlier editions of the comic…I wonder how he pees…..hey, superheroes need to go to the toilet too u knw..

Based upon Marvel’s iconic Super Hero, “Iron Man” tells the story of Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. Upon his return to America, Tony must come to terms with his past. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man.

The film is directed by Jon Favreau (Elf, Zathura) and features an ensemble cast consisting of Robert Downey Jr, Gweneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges. It is expected to be released on the 2nd of May 2008.



He speaks…

April 14, 2007


*UPDATE* (16/04/07)

ok.. i’m still on the BRB mode.. so this doesn’t change anything.. .. but I just had to post this short film with Will Farrell and Adam McKay, simply entitled ‘The Landlord’… it’s so funny to the extent that aku kan te-pipis meliat (ok fine, coincidentally my tank was full anyway) yet freaky in a way that I hope this is some over the top Hollywood FX… coz if this isn’, this kid was probably possessed by one of those nagging landlords from the dark ages…….. you pay. . . . . now, bitch! … hey i didn’t say it………….. she reminds me of Chucky from Childs Play btw…


sorry for lack of updates… I’ll BRB keh… for now.. if u wanna see Optimus Prime becakap… just click on the poster.. just so u knw, that is the voice of Peter Cullen, the original voice from the GEN1 Transformers may look wierd that he has a mouth, but if u ask actually makes it more believeable considering the fact that they are natural/organic alien lifeforms rather than just mindless robots.. but fans of the big ol’ Prime need not fret, coz his infamous mouth shield will still be used for battle mode….i guess even robots needs a breather once in a while… be quick coz it’s being removed by the Studio faster than you could say *proooot*


La Di Da..

April 10, 2007

I was just looking through my 1st entries for shitsoil… and I just couldn’t help but smiled coz this whole blogging thing was supposed to be TEMPORARY..haha.. it’s been almost 7 months already since I posted my 1st ever entry which was on the 17th of October 2006….man, I can’t believe its been that long…. for me that is.. 🙂 but anyways, looking back, I just wanna thank the readers especially to those who’s been visiting since day 1~ *sniff*.. haha.. but as you probably can tell, I haven’t been rajin updating it daily as before.. apologies for that…. I don’t really have a good excuse for it.. I just haven’t been up for it like I used to…

TSU.. eer.. KSU..?? 


Anyways,  I had a brief conversation with ‘Gun today and he pointed out an interesting point with regards to TSUBI.. haha.. basically, they’ve changed their name to KSUBI now …and my 1st reacton to this was O_o …… so then I just decided to do a bit of research on why the change of name.. and it turned out they were sued last year by a US shoe label – TSUBO….so after settling a trademark infringement dispute, KSUBI was born….so I thought, ‘stail lama tahT’SUBIs ku niiii’….but it turned out, as a compromise, it will still be called TSUBI in Australia while the name KSUBI will be used for its market overseas…..which means, my TSUBIs are safe from being outdated……for now……..*phew* ..hahaha.. ok its not that big of a deal, but hey.. thanks to Lay-Bys in Australia, I am able to self-proclaim myself as a denim addict…..well more like, WAS a denim addict really..considering the fact I can’t afford them at the moment…..oh well..


                       hmm..ok masih..selamaaattt~~ haha

…udah-udah….i need my beauty sleep.. tata.. Assalamualaikum


April 9, 2007

ah_eh_uh_huh.jpg Just got back from the cinema to catch Jangan Pandang Belakang…. and uumm. . . . . . . . . . kalat mata ku eh… InsyAllah, I’ll do a review on it as well as post some updates later on coz I really need to get some shut eye pronto~ nyt…. owh..anyone nice enough to spare me 600 bucks? …hahaha… *yawn*


Movie Review

Jangan Pandang Belakang ….nanti kena keroyok

jpbpster.jpg  ok, i was obvioulsy kidding about the ‘nanti kena keroyok’ bit.. but just in case, the title is simply called Jangan Pandang Belakang.. it’s probably one of the talked about as well as anticipated Malaysian horror film of 2007.. I myself have been waiting for the film since the trailer leaked a couple of months ago.. and I must say, after several crappy Malaysian horror movies that’s been released for years, it is safe to say that this movie is really bad ass (de-slang that…it simply means GOOD..haha)… surprisingly, the Malaysian National Censorship Board gave the thumbs up for this movie to be made coz they’re usually really uptight with allowing such movies to be dsitributed… but of course, due to its content, the producer was instructed by the Board to put a warning on all its promotional posters, ads as well as during the opening of the movie which reads “not suitable for pregnant women and those with ailing hearts”….so that’s when I thought, ‘damn son..’

So anyways, I’m not gonna give away the plot… instead, I’m gonna tell you what works and what doesn’t for the movie…. I suppose what made this movie sucha thrill ride and appealing is the ‘reality’ element to it… so rather than seeing the boogeyman hiding under your bed saying ‘boo!’, it showcases ‘beings’ that we may have heard from stories told by our friends and family.. or maybe even experienced it ourselves… moreover, the scenes are strategically shot in places and situations where you would usually have an ‘encounter’ such as parking lots, the lift/elevator, rear view mirror as well as getting a flat tyre at night in the middle of nowhere….. additionally, the director cleverly teases you with scenes where the audience may or may not see ‘something’.. along with creepy/dark background music…….and least u expect it.. BAM! a girl next to you screams her lungs out…

Now, the downside…. well to me probably the primary downfall of the movie was definately the bad acting….even THE Jalaluddin Hassan couldn’t save the day (not that he usually does anyway..hahaha)…..though Intan Ladyana was super cute… but that’s besides the point.. where was I again.. oh yes, bad acting… other than that, the make-up work for the ‘hantu’ was pretty crappy.. i mean yes, obviously its a low budget movie.. but showing what it looked like just made the movie less scarier half way through.. what they should have done was let people’s imagination run wild and kept it simple…i mean, I’m sure a simple kain putih and a few meters of long hair wigs WITHOUT revealing the face would have made it more scarier.. and saved more $$ on the so called ‘special’ make up which like i said before was crap…

Overall, I would have to say that the movie was worth the money if you wanted something to get your hearts pumping for a bit and to enjoy a bit of fright-thrill….As for me, I enjoyed it… but I definately wouldn’t watch it alone then having to drive back to Tutong using the highway night that is….but that’s just me….haha….like I said, the film potrays something that people can relate to easily, hence, it lets your imagination run wild after wathcing the film……..last word of advice….. whenever you you feel something that’s just not right, may it be in the lift, parking lot, in the car……. JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG *evil laff*

Air Shower: Sucks germs out and Donald Trump’s hair


This is the Air Shower invented by some Japanese dude… what it does is that it sucks the pollen and germs out of hiding in their various creases and crevasses before a person enters a building… with this thing costing around $US15,900, I’ll just stick to the old fashion way of wiping my ingus on my sleeve………Twice…

Japanese Spa Prank

One of the reasons why I miss Nippon~ haha

Like A Tall Glass Of Lemonade

April 6, 2007

Hey guys, sorry for the absence… let’s just say I haven’t been feeling a 100% lately…but Alhamdulilah, I’m getting better…and I’m gonna do an early post for a change tonight…. so anyways, went for a morning jog at Bukit Shahbandar early this morning… just managed to go through 7 stages which I suppose isn’t that much… but its a start considering the fact that I haven’t done anything near to an exercise for a few weeks now… and the heat just made it more excruciating to the point where I started hearing Yogi Bear saying “panas kita?” haha.. ok maybe not…pokoknya panas lah…but I suppose the only thing that kept me going was (well, not like I had a choice anyway..haha) was the cold air piasau waiting for me at the end of the line……..and at least I was sweating like a pig for a change….. no wait, I heard pigs don’t sweat.. do they?.. hold on, lemme do a bit of research coz it’s annoying the heck out of me for some reason…..AHA! here it is,…… “Pigs do not have functional sweat glands, so pigs cool themselves using water or mud during hot weather…” …sooo in other words they do sweat, but it pretty much doesn’t do jack to control/adjust their body temp……….uumm.. why am I talking about pigs again? …..sigh.. I’ve too much time on my hands don’t I..

*thanx for the wake up call u 😉 *ahaks*



Dulu aku bana-bana kan kau…. *PARA PAM PAM*

hahah.. I actually came across this from R&L’s … now this is what I call ShitSoil-worthy…hahaha..

dulu aku bana-bana kan kau
pasal aku luan sayangkan kau
tapi kau cu’ang a’ahku
bia’ saja ku unjaa’ yang ba’u
oi dengar sini
jgntah kan asi-asi
inda ku kan beguna kau lagi
lagi-lagi! aku ca’i lagi! *parapampam*
lagi-lagi aku caRi lageeeh~! woo-oo~


Glowing Toilet Seat: saves electricty; great target practice


What you see is what you get. It’s a glowing toilet seat..great for those with frequent late night pipis sessions. Moreover, it’s bright enough so I don’t have to worry about making a mess… uuuh… not that I do or anything….. uuum….let’s just move on now shall we………………………….haha! 

PS3: ONLY $10!

wow.. it just amazes me how cheap video game consoles are nowadays..with all the things you can do with the PS3, it just amazes me ok i think I’ve used that line already, so let me just rephrase that again.. *clears throat*…’s..uumm……AHA! intriguing that they’re giving it away for only $10! Even I can afford that! And that’s saying a lot! Thanks Sony! You guys are the best! you even managed to give it an 80s Famicom feel to it!


…..Heeeeeey~ wait a minute…this isn’t. . . . . . . . .

Tokyo Stampede

haha.. this is actually a prank whereby innocent passer-bys get stampeded (there is sucha a word right? haha) out of no where by 100 people

more of what i need and less of what i don’t

April 4, 2007

guh.jpg urgh~ this is stupid………….. anyways, gosh….hmmm.. I was gonna write a post on something productive today.. but I just can’t seem to think of any topic at the moment….not that I’ve done anything inspiring lately that is.. but my ramblings have been nothing but ‘cakap kosong’ all this while…which kinda annoys the heck out of me… there’s always socio-political related issues which some expect me to go on about just because I’m a pol-sci grad… but then again, this is shitsoil… and I pretty much told myself that I’ll leave all the screwed up issues going on in our world today behind me… with all the F-ed things we see in the news today, a bit of my occassional lame-ass jokes won’t hurt once in a while………ooh ooh, i got one!

Why kids aren’t allowed to watch pirate movies? . . . . . . . coz they’re Rated- Arrrrr!

..u see what i mean… hahaha

Autobots.. TRANSFORM!

here are exclusive stills form the Transformers movie which includes a mind-blowing image of a battle between Optimus Prime and Bone Crusher




for bigger versions of the stills, go here

uum.. let’s see.. i guess that’s it for now.. it’s been a slow past few days.. insyAllah, I’ll post something if anything shitsoil-wrothy comes up…