Kalat Mata Ku

..*yawn*.. I’ll probably post something up later on…..for now, being a Seinfed fan and all..I just have to post this video from one of the show’s most memorable scenes….cracks me up everytime…..it’s the Elaine Dance…it’s so painful to watch, yet I can’t seem to look away..IT’S THAT BAAAD~…. haha..


Movie Review



…uumm, that’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for those who didn’t quite get that… As much as I wanna say that I was invited for the premiere of the movie in the States recently, that is not the case.. instead, I bought the DVD last week here in teeny weeny Brunei… I rarely buy DVDs at an early stage where you just know how crappy the visual quality will be (movie goers laughing in d background, some idiot’s silhouette walking pass the video recording piracy man), but considering it was a TMNT movie that’s more than 10 years overdue since the last movie, I couldn’t care less…. BUT, after testing the DVD..my eyes bgan to sparkle coz the quality was better than I expected…. hurraaaah!! SO anyways, the review… hmm.. well, as compared to the last 3 movies.. Kevin Munroe (director) decided to go for a CGI look for the whole movie, which I was skeptical at first after seeing the leaked images last year… but I must say, the final product turned out to be great and detailed especially duirng one of the fights scenes in the rain…

Story-wise, well.. unlike current movies such as Batman Begins and Casino Royale in which studios “restart” the franchise from scratch, this movie is pretty much a continuation from the last movie….the plot takes place some time after Shredder is defeated and the turtles begin to fall apart, probably due to lack of purpose. Leonardo is sent to South America by Splinter for the sole purpose of becoming a better leader, Donatello is working for a telephone IT company, Michelangelo entertains kids birthday parties dressed up as himself, and Raphael spends his nights single handedly policing New York dressed up like a metal version of himself…. and as soon as Leo returns, conflict begins to erupt between him and Raphael and more or less, the two brothers begin to fall apart..but of course, a TMNT movie woudn’t  be a TMNT movie without the kicking the shit out of the bad guys…However, the main story throughout the movie is about the bonds of a family….I suppose the downfall of the movie is the short running time of 90mins which made the movie rush especially in terms of its character developments….but the fact that Kevin Monroe decided to go back to the original dark-themed TMNT as they were originally depicted  in the comics made it all worth watching… so the verdict~ COWABUNGA DUUUDDDE!!! …uuh..that means it’s good…

Horror Summer Toilet Roll


I remember how Sega used to be one of the major video game companies in the early 90s… and what do they do now? well, for one… they’ve come up with this prank toilet paper holder and its electronic TP core…Horror Summer Toilet Roll spins as you make a grab for the three ply quilted, triggering loud shouts and explosions in Japanese which includes..hmm let’s see…Tasuketee~ (heeeelp~), Sempaaaaaaiii~ (buuddyyyy~~) and “kyaaaaaaaaaaa~~” (which doesn’t mean anything really..haha)….if it was up to me though I’d probably include, “eiyer…be-palit saja?” ….you know, this could be funny… but only the first time around that is..


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