more of what i need and less of what i don’t

guh.jpg urgh~ this is stupid………….. anyways, gosh….hmmm.. I was gonna write a post on something productive today.. but I just can’t seem to think of any topic at the moment….not that I’ve done anything inspiring lately that is.. but my ramblings have been nothing but ‘cakap kosong’ all this while…which kinda annoys the heck out of me… there’s always socio-political related issues which some expect me to go on about just because I’m a pol-sci grad… but then again, this is shitsoil… and I pretty much told myself that I’ll leave all the screwed up issues going on in our world today behind me… with all the F-ed things we see in the news today, a bit of my occassional lame-ass jokes won’t hurt once in a while………ooh ooh, i got one!

Why kids aren’t allowed to watch pirate movies? . . . . . . . coz they’re Rated- Arrrrr!

..u see what i mean… hahaha

Autobots.. TRANSFORM!

here are exclusive stills form the Transformers movie which includes a mind-blowing image of a battle between Optimus Prime and Bone Crusher




for bigger versions of the stills, go here

uum.. let’s see.. i guess that’s it for now.. it’s been a slow past few days.. insyAllah, I’ll post something if anything shitsoil-wrothy comes up…


2 Responses to “more of what i need and less of what i don’t”

  1. Adi Says:

    Ei issit me or does bonecrusher look like a mess of a transforming robot. Methinks those mechs from the astro commercial look more like transformers than from the look of these stills, but then that’s my own opinion 😛

  2. shitsoil Says:

    Agreed 🙂 … but based on the reviews from those who have seen 25mins footage of the film.. it sounds like a kick ass film.. so we’ll just have to wait and see aye

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