ah_eh_uh_huh.jpg Just got back from the cinema to catch Jangan Pandang Belakang…. and uumm. . . . . . . . . . kalat mata ku eh… InsyAllah, I’ll do a review on it as well as post some updates later on coz I really need to get some shut eye pronto~ nyt…. owh..anyone nice enough to spare me 600 bucks? …hahaha… *yawn*


Movie Review

Jangan Pandang Belakang ….nanti kena keroyok

jpbpster.jpg  ok, i was obvioulsy kidding about the ‘nanti kena keroyok’ bit.. but just in case, the title is simply called Jangan Pandang Belakang.. it’s probably one of the talked about as well as anticipated Malaysian horror film of 2007.. I myself have been waiting for the film since the trailer leaked a couple of months ago.. and I must say, after several crappy Malaysian horror movies that’s been released for years, it is safe to say that this movie is really bad ass (de-slang that…it simply means GOOD..haha)… surprisingly, the Malaysian National Censorship Board gave the thumbs up for this movie to be made coz they’re usually really uptight with allowing such movies to be dsitributed… but of course, due to its content, the producer was instructed by the Board to put a warning on all its promotional posters, ads as well as during the opening of the movie which reads “not suitable for pregnant women and those with ailing hearts”….so that’s when I thought, ‘damn son..’

So anyways, I’m not gonna give away the plot… instead, I’m gonna tell you what works and what doesn’t for the movie…. I suppose what made this movie sucha thrill ride and appealing is the ‘reality’ element to it… so rather than seeing the boogeyman hiding under your bed saying ‘boo!’, it showcases ‘beings’ that we may have heard from stories told by our friends and family.. or maybe even experienced it ourselves… moreover, the scenes are strategically shot in places and situations where you would usually have an ‘encounter’ such as parking lots, the lift/elevator, rear view mirror as well as getting a flat tyre at night in the middle of nowhere….. additionally, the director cleverly teases you with scenes where the audience may or may not see ‘something’.. along with creepy/dark background music…….and least u expect it.. BAM! a girl next to you screams her lungs out…

Now, the downside…. well to me probably the primary downfall of the movie was definately the bad acting….even THE Jalaluddin Hassan couldn’t save the day (not that he usually does anyway..hahaha)…..though Intan Ladyana was super cute… but that’s besides the point.. where was I again.. oh yes, bad acting… other than that, the make-up work for the ‘hantu’ was pretty crappy.. i mean yes, obviously its a low budget movie.. but showing what it looked like just made the movie less scarier half way through.. what they should have done was let people’s imagination run wild and kept it simple…i mean, I’m sure a simple kain putih and a few meters of long hair wigs WITHOUT revealing the face would have made it more scarier.. and saved more $$ on the so called ‘special’ make up which like i said before was crap…

Overall, I would have to say that the movie was worth the money if you wanted something to get your hearts pumping for a bit and to enjoy a bit of fright-thrill….As for me, I enjoyed it… but I definately wouldn’t watch it alone then having to drive back to Tutong using the highway ALONE..at night that is….but that’s just me….haha….like I said, the film potrays something that people can relate to easily, hence, it lets your imagination run wild after wathcing the film……..last word of advice….. whenever you you feel something that’s just not right, may it be in the lift, parking lot, in the car……. JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG *evil laff*

Air Shower: Sucks germs out and Donald Trump’s hair


This is the Air Shower invented by some Japanese dude… what it does is that it sucks the pollen and germs out of hiding in their various creases and crevasses before a person enters a building… with this thing costing around $US15,900, I’ll just stick to the old fashion way of wiping my ingus on my sleeve………Twice…

Japanese Spa Prank

One of the reasons why I miss Nippon~ haha


7 Responses to “Ah?”

  1. beksta87 Says:

    yea man, I agree with what you think of the movie and all the make-ups. The movie was alright for me eventhough I was clinging to my fren’s hand all the time. ha ha ha. The ‘special’ effect where the hantu flew over the car was crap cause I can see (eventhough they made it invisible) the rope or whatever thing they used to make the hantu fly.That was funny.They could have made the movie a blast and more scarier by not including the long conversations of the hantu with pierre andre.Or maybe just keep it short.I hate the “aku di sini.heh heh heh” . Macam baibun ah? Dont u think? hahah.

    It was scary for the fact that lik u said we can relate those things in reality. We know that we could encounter the ‘kawan’ in the places that they showed in the movie.nauzubillah.Pokoknya jangan pandang belakang lah (except kalau kan me reverse kerita hahaha *lame*).

    The scene where darma carries his granma wasssss scaaawwwyyyyyyyyyy~

    Lesson from the movie : Kalau ada bottles d pantai jangan di putik. Bukannya mcm cerita urang putih ni kan beromantic, hahaa mcm message in a bottle. Hantu in a bottle ada plang karang. nauzubillah. heh.

    Btw, hi ashady. How have you been doing? dont worry im not a stalker. I used to be your classmate back in pertama. herherh lama tu ah. :))

  2. ajami Says:

    Salaam dik..

    saya suka baca review kamu 🙂

  3. shitsoil Says:

    beksta87: one of my Pertama School buddies huh? atu ol’ skool… haha..sorry, I’m bad with remembering.. mind refreshing my memory??

    ajami: cheers buddy..

  4. lauk masin Says:

    wah pemes lah shitsoil sampai ke malaysia. Siap kana detect leh ajami. Heh. Anyways, i agree w u. Bad acting, truk makeup! Tapi at least ada effort la jua.

  5. shitsoil Says:

    lauk masin: hahahaha.. pemes my ass…

  6. beksta87 Says:

    hahah yea old skool ah. bukan saja one of your buddies, infact we are related, if im not mistaken. haha. we were in the same class during primary 6. and im fikri’s cousin (mcm tah dapat ingat jua tu ah) he he he. why dont u add me in msn. jumpa jumpa kawan lama. ha ha ha.

  7. shitsoil Says:

    haha.. every1 in brunei is usually related to each other one way or another anyway… bah insyAllah, krgtah ku add… lemme jst figure out mana email viewing ani~ hahah..

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