La Di Da..

I was just looking through my 1st entries for shitsoil… and I just couldn’t help but smiled coz this whole blogging thing was supposed to be TEMPORARY..haha.. it’s been almost 7 months already since I posted my 1st ever entry which was on the 17th of October 2006….man, I can’t believe its been that long…. for me that is.. 🙂 but anyways, looking back, I just wanna thank the readers especially to those who’s been visiting since day 1~ *sniff*.. haha.. but as you probably can tell, I haven’t been rajin updating it daily as before.. apologies for that…. I don’t really have a good excuse for it.. I just haven’t been up for it like I used to…

TSU.. eer.. KSU..?? 


Anyways,  I had a brief conversation with ‘Gun today and he pointed out an interesting point with regards to TSUBI.. haha.. basically, they’ve changed their name to KSUBI now …and my 1st reacton to this was O_o …… so then I just decided to do a bit of research on why the change of name.. and it turned out they were sued last year by a US shoe label – TSUBO….so after settling a trademark infringement dispute, KSUBI was born….so I thought, ‘stail lama tahT’SUBIs ku niiii’….but it turned out, as a compromise, it will still be called TSUBI in Australia while the name KSUBI will be used for its market overseas…..which means, my TSUBIs are safe from being outdated……for now……..*phew* ..hahaha.. ok its not that big of a deal, but hey.. thanks to Lay-Bys in Australia, I am able to self-proclaim myself as a denim addict…..well more like, WAS a denim addict really..considering the fact I can’t afford them at the moment…..oh well..


                       hmm..ok masih..selamaaattt~~ haha

…udah-udah….i need my beauty sleep.. tata.. Assalamualaikum


7 Responses to “La Di Da..”

  1. Liz Says:

    oh thank goodness! That still means I can still buy tsubis. LOL. Although I do wonder why they chose ‘K’ to replace ‘T’

  2. emma29 Says:

    nice aSS my friend.. close up pls :p

  3. shitsoil Says:

    haha! sendiri ko Rose… the only picture ud see me giving a close up is me picking my nose… haha…

  4. shitsoil Says:

    Liz: yes… ‘T’subis will be the unlimited ones from now on…haha. owh.. i reckon it’s a silent K.. hence Ksubi……….. maybe lah.. 🙂

  5. emma29 Says:

    :p …

    ok close up of ur eyes and fingers please?? hehehehehe

  6. shitsoil Says:


  7. tiqs Says:

    oh oh shad! its not a silent K. apparently when i went to the shop to browse the jeans.. the salesperson said.. “ke…subi…” so cana shad? ke subi tani membali KSUBI?? hehehehe…

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