He speaks…


*UPDATE* (16/04/07)

ok.. i’m still on the BRB mode.. so this doesn’t change anything.. .. but I just had to post this short film with Will Farrell and Adam McKay, simply entitled ‘The Landlord’… it’s so funny to the extent that aku kan te-pipis meliat (ok fine, coincidentally my tank was full anyway) yet freaky in a way that I hope this is some over the top Hollywood FX… coz if this isn’t..man, this kid was probably possessed by one of those nagging landlords from the dark ages…….. you pay. . . . . now, bitch! … hey i didn’t say it………….. she reminds me of Chucky from Childs Play btw…


sorry for lack of updates… I’ll BRB keh… for now.. if u wanna see Optimus Prime becakap… just click on the poster.. just so u knw, that is the voice of Peter Cullen, the original voice from the GEN1 Transformers cartoon..it may look wierd that he has a mouth, but if u ask me..it actually makes it more believeable considering the fact that they are natural/organic alien lifeforms rather than just mindless robots.. but fans of the big ol’ Prime need not fret, coz his infamous mouth shield will still be used for battle mode….i guess even robots needs a breather once in a while… be quick coz it’s being removed by the Studio faster than you could say *proooot*



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