your friendly neighbourhood….


This just in! Apparently in the 3rd film… Spiderman not only gets the black suite, but he actually thinks he’s black!…ok, no..not really……….

We are finally in the Spiderman III mood.. and the lucky bastards in the land of the rising sun are the 1st ones to get an exclusive sneak of the new film a few days ago on Monday while the rest of us mortals have to wait til May 4th..or is it on the 5th?…. hmmm.. well anyways, c Dud was lucky enough to at least get a glimpse of the Spiderman 3 premiere in Tokyo, despite – and i quote – “the grumpy security kuso baba” coming up to her to stop taking pictures… confirm, that’s definately a kuso baba tu dud..i taught u well my child…. haha.. well, anyways it’s coming out here in Brunei and the rest of the world in about 2 weeks time but don’t expect me to be 1st in line during its premiere coz I’ll probably be sleeping or munching something at home while everyone else is being friendly, though not intentionally, standing in line to the point where kan betamu gigi from all the asak-asaking….but then again, never say never…..speaking of premiers… i remember the last time I went to a movie premiere was in Brisbane to catch the Matrix Revolutions premiere.. since they were showing it simultaniously worldwide, Australia got the 12 midnight slot… which was no biggie since I lived across the cinema….. so there I was, in my baju rumah walking into the mall at 12 midnight while everyone there were wearing their Matrix gear..and this wasn’t what you’d categorize as angat-angat tai ayam coz these dudes were fanataics that they probably thought me walking in my sluar tidur pindik was a glitch in the Matrix…so anyways, like I said it was 12 midnight and I had to force myself to stay awake the whole time…but halfway, the sandman caught me and I dozed off (probably snoring too)…aaand I woke up ngam when the credits were rolling.. pffft… so much for the Matrix premiere…

anyways, no updates for now coz.. well u knw the drill… it’s either aku malas or aku kalat mata… in this case, it’s the latter…adios amigos.. nyt~ Assalamualaikum


Woof-woof and awaay~

I’m sure dog lovers out there may come across this problem at least once….your dog humping either your furniture or your date’s leg… well worry no more, coz there’s finally Hotball…it’s shaped like a dog and it let’s your dog go woofing as much as his lil heart desires until he passes out in exhaustion for allI care…… welcome to the 21st century my friends…



eeek.. *looks at clock* okie~ I gta go..~ more updates later on insyAllah… oh btw.. Sanjaya is out.. hahah~  sorry for being a party pooper.. i just couldn’t resist.. 


2 Responses to “your friendly neighbourhood….”

  1. N25 Says:

    yes I learnt (learned?) from the best. hahaha

  2. shitsoil Says:

    hahah.. damn ryt u did! Nur-san no nihonggo wa jyozu desu-nee~~ haha.. i knw, mine suck big tym udah….apanya urg..’betagar’..haha

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