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May 27, 2007

songkok1.jpg I’ve been listening to Adibah Noor‘s rendition of Hujan from the movie Mukhsin on my winamp tonight…her soothing vocals alongside the keroncong music backing her up never fails to relax me after every listen….dunno what it is about the song, but it jst makes me want to pasang my songkok, smoking a self-rolled ciggy while running around in my songket chasing ayam kampung……. ok, maybe not.. but u gta admit, it does have that P. Ramlee/kampung-ish vibe to it…


speaking of Mukhsin, I personally have not seen the movie but knowing that it is a  Yasmin Ahmad-helmed film and having enjoyed her previous releases which includes Sepet and Gubra (*her next project being Muallaf) , I’m sure it doesn’t disappoint… Mukhsin is an international award winning film (winning 2 awards at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival) which tells a simple story of young love between a 10 year old girl named Orked and  a 12 year old boy named Mukhsin… the movie tagline says it all – “Everyone has a first love story to tell..”

G’nyt folks…..Assalamualaikum



May 25, 2007

hdib1.jpg I’m just gonna post on Mario‘s latest video for his new single ‘How Do I Breathe’. Taken from his upcoming album entitled Go! (July 31st), the track was produced by non other than Stargate who are major players in the R&B game right now… with its infectious melodies and a sing-along hook, this track is a sure-to-be hit.. and the video with the ‘my world is turning upside down (in this case literally) without you here by my side’ concept jst adds more umph to it… based on the other leaked tracks that I’ve listened to so far, this album may be one of the R&B record to make it big this quarter… InsyAllah, I’ll probably do a review on GO! when it finally comes out


May 23, 2007

ooh ooh~ i was jst browsing thru my folders in my external and look wat i found~ haha.. it’s a picture of the Centros [Gun, Sel (blame Fitz for blocking her face), Fitz, Faid, Yazid…minus shuks, din and rol] and a glimpse of badan Babah on the bottom right corner..hahaha.. this was taken on my last day in Brisbane at the airport when the guys were sending me off to Brunei… .. baiktah kamu semua start chip-in some cash to buy me a ticket.. maaaan~ that’s my home right there.. *sniff* *blows nose* *wipes snot on sleeve*..  hahaha


ok.. no major updates tonight folks coz aku kan tidur..~


May 21, 2007

So the first image of Heath Ledger as The Joker from the upcoming Dark Knight film(sequel to Batman Begins) is finally finished after hundreds of thousands, if not millions, submitted their emails to contribute 1 freagin’ pixel to finish up the image… but by looking at the finished product, it’s worth the wait… so far, Warner Bros. is doing a fantastic marketing job to promote the film… there’s the teaser Batman page which showcases the new Batman logo, then the Harvey Dent campaign page and of course the interactive Joker page…….in addition, comic book store workers/owners in the United States are discovering hidden Joker cards all around their store with ‘HAHA’s and ‘I believe in Harvey Dent too’ stamped all over Warner managed to sneak them in without people noticing is a mystery to me but the fact of the matter is, they’re doing a good job *applause*



now, with regards to The Joker image… it’s jst plain creepy and disturbing… which is of course a good thing in this case…while it is obvious that Nolan is going for a darker look rather than a campy-ass clown, it is safe to say that he’ll still stay true to the Joker that we are familiar with… based on what I’ve seen so far, he will definately have green hair, he will wear a purple-ish suit.. but of course minus the permanent grin that Jack Nicholson had in the Tim Burton Batman (1989).. instead, as you can probably tell from the image above, it will be drawn over the scarring on his cheeks.. which is of course more appropriate since Nolan’s going for a realistic approach for this movie as he did in Batman Begins …as Heath Ledger once described when asked about what he’ll bring to his Joker… it’s gonna be less on his grin/smile, it’s more on the eyes….. and he did also mention that it’s gonna be like something from ‘Clockwork Orange’ so he’s probably gonna be potrayed as more towards a psychologically insane killer than a woop-dee-doo –‘Batman! I’m gonna punch u and then i’m gonna tie u up while spinning u around on a high-speed carousel ..*KAPOW!*’ – type of Joker..

The Joker Believes In Harvey Dent Too

May 20, 2007

The Campaign is on.. Harvey Dent (eventually Two Face) is running for District Attorney…(*which he’ll obviously win of course).. and here’s an official ad poster from Warner …..err.. I mean, Gotham City….


ok.. so this is what i want all of you readers to do… IF YOU WANNA SEE WHAT THE JOKER LOOKS LIKE, YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE BY VISITING THIS BATMAN SPIN-OFF SITE FROM WARNER BORTHERS…. for every e-mail submitted, you contribute 1-pixel to Heath Ledger JOKER image… (just wait for a few seconds after you see the drawn-on Harvey Dent poster… and you’ll see how far the Joker image is from completion so far)

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Final Transformers Trailer

May 18, 2007

YES YES YES! *twinkling eyes*

Sembahyang Jum’aat dulu…more updates later on insyAllah…


It’s more or less similar to the above trailer but with additional footages… while I’m on a Transformers spree, I might as well…. 

jazzbig.jpg transformerspr1.jpg transformerspr2.jpg transformerspr3.jpg transformerspr4.jpg transformerspr5.jpg transformerspr7.jpg

Battle & Non-Battle Mode




May 16, 2007

*yawn* .. no updates tonight.. soo-ree~ but I was just going thru some old music videos on youtube.. and i came across SWV – Weak….their clothings may have been tacky, but this song is one of the old skool greats man .. they jst don’t make music like they used to…


May 14, 2007

hp1.jpg It’s been pouring hard outside (and pretty chilly) and I so wanna jump to bed and sleep ryt now… but I can’t..not just yet.. since I jst finished my two London Kebab take-aways… nya urg tua, jangan limpang lapas makan, nanti labu parut.. well, unfortunately for me *looks at parut*… it’s too late for that…

On a separate matter, I guess I won’t be catching Spiderman III afterall since I told Sasa to be a party pooper by telling me how the movie ends…. hey, there’s always gonna be the pirated DVD.. so what the heck…

Harry Potter Maybe-s


Throughout the release of the Harry Potter films, different directors have stepped in to adapt each book to screen, ranging from from Chris Columbus to David Yates, who helmed the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and who will also return for The Half-Blood Prince… so that leaves one more slot for the final movie and the lucky Director to take on the final book is anybody’s guess… so several directors have been asked what they’d do if given a chance to direct a Harry Potter film and this is what they had to say:

Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth”): “I actually got offered the third one, before Alfonso, and I actually asked the question, ‘What about Alfonso?’ Because I thought he was perfect for it. I really love the books, they’re incredibly rich and textured, incredibly well-informed and -researched, and I think they have a very dark universe — it’s actually darker than the movies have been, up until Alfonso came onboard. Now they have a darker tone. I would hope that he would return, because out of all the movies that I’ve seen, that have been released, his is the one that I’ve liked the most. I would love for him to come back into that universe. I hope he gets to play in it again. [If he doesn’t,] I would love to do one, but I would love to do one where I can kill off one of the characters. I would love to kill off one of them. I would like to be the guy who ends the franchise — I come in and destroy everything that everyone else has created! [He laughs.]

Samuel Bayer (“Green Day: Bullet in a Bible”): “I’d put the kids in a time capsule and freeze them so they don’t get any older.”

Zack Snyder (“300”): “The problem with Harry Potter is that you can’t do it different from the books. Do you want to see them having sex or shooting each other or fighting? Sure. My knee-jerk reaction is to just make everything an R-rated movie, and so I’m like, ‘They should be darker!’ you know? I do kind of feel they’re going in the right direction. They’ve been sort of growing the films with the characters. So the films are getting darker and intense as the kids have been getting older. I think that makes sense. And it’d be awesome [if Harry dies in the end].”

Edgar Wright (“Hot Fuzz”): “I think I’d like to see Daniel Radcliffe naked and mutilating horses [like he did in the play ‘Equus’ in London’s West End]. It’s amazing in the U.K., the poster outside the theater is absolutely enormous. It’s crazy. It’s three stories high — a picture of Daniel Radcliffe with his shirt off. It’s quite distressing.”

Garth Jennings (“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”): “I’m not a big fan of blue-screen things, so I’d try to do as much in-camera as possible. Of course, it’d be kind of difficult to do a fire-breathing dragon in-camera, but I’d try. And I’d try not to be too worried about the dark side coming through. The books — particularly this fourth one — have the most wonderfully dark gems hidden in them. It seems like the films just keep getting a bit darker and darker, so maybe the last one will be some X-rated movie.”

Rob Zombie (“Halloween”): “I’d probably be very violent with a lot of nudity. That’s what it needs. Harry should say ‘f—‘ a lot. That would spice it up.” *my personal favourite.. hahaha

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Drop a Deuce


weeee~ more poopy-related gadgeets~ Bathroom Louie supposedly provides a person with a bit of bowel encouragement.. it is sound-activated whereby as soon as it hears some bodily noises, it will start making more repulsive noises of his own followed by wiggling and a “Ha-le-lu-jah!” of relief … look, i may be  a sucker for toilet humor but having a mini toilet battle with Louie is jst inappropriate for my taste… and not to mention disturbing…

Nothing = $6.28


A ‘Richard Nixon look-alike potato chip’ sold on eBay is still tolerable… but this is just the opposite… Apparently, someone is now selling Nothing for $6.29 and some suckers are actually buying this piece non-existent shit. It is a piece of packaging with a clear plastic sphere sticking out of it that contains well, again…. absolutely nothing… u know what, i take it back.. this isn’t shit actually… if some idiot out there is actually buying this, I might as well give it a shot by selling my fart on eBay and label it as ‘Brad Pitt’s doo-doo gas’ …bidding starts at $200 folks

Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2007

An ode to mums. . . . . jazz style

TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise

May 11, 2007




With or Without?

There’s actually an informal poll on Michael Bay’s website where you can vote whether you like Optimus Prime with his faceplate or without. Personally, I’de like the autobots to have two modes (Battle and Non-Battle mode)  which I assume the studio is going for anyway as we have seen with Bumblebee in the trailer. So I wouldn’t mind Optimus having Angelina Jolie-like lips while he’s on holiday mode and having the faceplate on when he’s on his ass whooping sessions…it just seems right that way. Based on the images below, the one without the faceplate actually shows a bit of expression where you can tell that he’s going ‘Saaam~ I’m here to saave youuu~’ .. whereas the other one can be anything from ‘Saaam~ come ‘ere you lil punk!’ (ok.. i knw I make a bad screenwriter..) Nevertheless, a major No-No if the studio is thinking of taking off the faceplate altogether coz i mean, this is THE Optimus Prime man..



click here for the poll