Cereal Munching


The net’s finally back on its scrawny feet…I’ve got a couple of updates to make up for my frequent MIAs… so might as well go straight to doing that…

*boeing boeing boeing*

ok.. just to get things started, I’ll just start with an exclusive entry. Taken in Fort Worth Texas, (Tieexas~ *spits tobacco*)… Here is THE FIRST look at Royal Brunei Airline’s upcoming Boeing 777… the picture is probably taken fresh from the uuumm.. those Boeing-making factories or whatever they call it … and it doesn’t seem to be registered yet…so its gonna be a while til it actually operates here in Brunei… however, word has it that it is coming in August insyAllah… cantek nampak.. exterior-wise that is… can’t wait to see what they have to offer on its inside as well… especially its seats and my personal favourite.. its gadgets which I’m hoping will include a butt massager… click the image below for a closer look 


courtesy of abidoi

Huff & Puff


For a lousy 9 bucks, u can get your nails dried…………by a monkey…….*giling-giling kepala*

Dark Knight First Look

Of all the superhero movies that’s coming soon, apart from the Transformers,  the sequel to Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight – is probably the one that I’m anticipating…. I did a post on it a while back (here).. as matter of fact, it was my first real post on shitsoil.. and finally, a picture of what is said to be a first look of Heath Ledger as the Joker… HOWEVER, I’m assuming that this is from an earlier scene or a flashback scene from the film coz it doesn’t look like he’s go that freaky Joker look yet…though, if you look closely, you can see green highlights which may indicate that Christopher Nolan will go for the classic Joker look…. click image below for a closer look



2 Responses to “Cereal Munching”

  1. neeeeeeena Says:

    saya mahu itu. the monkey

  2. shitsoil Says:

    heya~ welcome~ .. uumm the monkey hah? ummm.. hihi

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