. (full stop)


*yawn* baru ku bangun che… it was raining the whole morning so might as well sleep in today…

Mas Besi


So they’ve finally released the official picture of Iron Man Mark III armor from the upcoming movie… designed by the legendary Stan Winston, the armor is obviously way advanced looking as compared to the Mark 1 I posted earlier….

Enjoy Taxidermy?


If anyone out there find their mouse plain.. well here’s an idea… This is a real mouse, gutted and fitted with parts from one of those small laptop mice…. *runs w/ parang cari tikus*

“I said *Brrrrr~* It’s cold in ‘eere~..”


Those Jipun-ese people sure are damn smart… so what did they come up with this time… well, if you thought a portable air-con was neat, how about Air-con in a can! Beat That! IN YO MAMA’s FACE! *high five* .. hahaha.. ok ok so as I was saying.. it’s pretty simple..it’s a hot summer’s day and your sweating like a maniac so what do you do? You spray this on urself… while it guarantees relief for you, it definately doesn’t make u less bau angit from all the sweating… 


4 Responses to “. (full stop)”

  1. N25 Says:

    I want one of those aircon dlm kutak thingy majiggy!!!! laju gtau dmana ku dpt bali?? ITS FREAKIN HOT HERE ALREADY. luntur sudah make up nipon2 disini ani.

  2. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha… unfortunately for you.. it’s sold out maaaan~ hahaha.. tapi klau ko masihkan majal.. here’s the address dud..

    2-7-45-4 Sakae-cho Odawara Kanagawa 250-0011

    it’s only 685 Yen dud..so klau ko tejumpa ingat kawan mu sorang ani keh~ hahaha…

  3. N25 Says:

    KANAGAWA?! bloody hell. you know how much it is to GET THERE? bali kipas lipas saja niiiiii. huhu.

  4. shitsoil Says:

    haha.. dude dude..bali kiap saja che..

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