TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise




With or Without?

There’s actually an informal poll on Michael Bay’s website where you can vote whether you like Optimus Prime with his faceplate or without. Personally, I’de like the autobots to have two modes (Battle and Non-Battle mode)  which I assume the studio is going for anyway as we have seen with Bumblebee in the trailer. So I wouldn’t mind Optimus having Angelina Jolie-like lips while he’s on holiday mode and having the faceplate on when he’s on his ass whooping sessions…it just seems right that way. Based on the images below, the one without the faceplate actually shows a bit of expression where you can tell that he’s going ‘Saaam~ I’m here to saave youuu~’ .. whereas the other one can be anything from ‘Saaam~ come ‘ere you lil punk!’ (ok.. i knw I make a bad screenwriter..) Nevertheless, a major No-No if the studio is thinking of taking off the faceplate altogether coz i mean, this is THE Optimus Prime man..



click here for the poll


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