hp1.jpg It’s been pouring hard outside (and pretty chilly) and I so wanna jump to bed and sleep ryt now… but I can’t..not just yet.. since I jst finished my two London Kebab take-aways… nya urg tua, jangan limpang lapas makan, nanti labu parut.. well, unfortunately for me *looks at parut*… it’s too late for that…

On a separate matter, I guess I won’t be catching Spiderman III afterall since I told Sasa to be a party pooper by telling me how the movie ends…. hey, there’s always gonna be the pirated DVD.. so what the heck…

Harry Potter Maybe-s


Throughout the release of the Harry Potter films, different directors have stepped in to adapt each book to screen, ranging from from Chris Columbus to David Yates, who helmed the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and who will also return for The Half-Blood Prince… so that leaves one more slot for the final movie and the lucky Director to take on the final book is anybody’s guess… so several directors have been asked what they’d do if given a chance to direct a Harry Potter film and this is what they had to say:

Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth”): “I actually got offered the third one, before Alfonso, and I actually asked the question, ‘What about Alfonso?’ Because I thought he was perfect for it. I really love the books, they’re incredibly rich and textured, incredibly well-informed and -researched, and I think they have a very dark universe — it’s actually darker than the movies have been, up until Alfonso came onboard. Now they have a darker tone. I would hope that he would return, because out of all the movies that I’ve seen, that have been released, his is the one that I’ve liked the most. I would love for him to come back into that universe. I hope he gets to play in it again. [If he doesn’t,] I would love to do one, but I would love to do one where I can kill off one of the characters. I would love to kill off one of them. I would like to be the guy who ends the franchise — I come in and destroy everything that everyone else has created! [He laughs.]

Samuel Bayer (“Green Day: Bullet in a Bible”): “I’d put the kids in a time capsule and freeze them so they don’t get any older.”

Zack Snyder (“300”): “The problem with Harry Potter is that you can’t do it different from the books. Do you want to see them having sex or shooting each other or fighting? Sure. My knee-jerk reaction is to just make everything an R-rated movie, and so I’m like, ‘They should be darker!’ you know? I do kind of feel they’re going in the right direction. They’ve been sort of growing the films with the characters. So the films are getting darker and intense as the kids have been getting older. I think that makes sense. And it’d be awesome [if Harry dies in the end].”

Edgar Wright (“Hot Fuzz”): “I think I’d like to see Daniel Radcliffe naked and mutilating horses [like he did in the play ‘Equus’ in London’s West End]. It’s amazing in the U.K., the poster outside the theater is absolutely enormous. It’s crazy. It’s three stories high — a picture of Daniel Radcliffe with his shirt off. It’s quite distressing.”

Garth Jennings (“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”): “I’m not a big fan of blue-screen things, so I’d try to do as much in-camera as possible. Of course, it’d be kind of difficult to do a fire-breathing dragon in-camera, but I’d try. And I’d try not to be too worried about the dark side coming through. The books — particularly this fourth one — have the most wonderfully dark gems hidden in them. It seems like the films just keep getting a bit darker and darker, so maybe the last one will be some X-rated movie.”

Rob Zombie (“Halloween”): “I’d probably be very violent with a lot of nudity. That’s what it needs. Harry should say ‘f—‘ a lot. That would spice it up.” *my personal favourite.. hahaha

courtesy of MTV.com

Drop a Deuce


weeee~ more poopy-related gadgeets~ Bathroom Louie supposedly provides a person with a bit of bowel encouragement.. it is sound-activated whereby as soon as it hears some bodily noises, it will start making more repulsive noises of his own followed by wiggling and a “Ha-le-lu-jah!” of relief … look, i may be  a sucker for toilet humor but having a mini toilet battle with Louie is jst inappropriate for my taste… and not to mention disturbing…

Nothing = $6.28


A ‘Richard Nixon look-alike potato chip’ sold on eBay is still tolerable… but this is just the opposite… Apparently, someone is now selling Nothing for $6.29 and some suckers are actually buying this piece non-existent shit. It is a piece of packaging with a clear plastic sphere sticking out of it that contains well, again…. absolutely nothing… u know what, i take it back.. this isn’t shit actually… if some idiot out there is actually buying this, I might as well give it a shot by selling my fart on eBay and label it as ‘Brad Pitt’s doo-doo gas’ …bidding starts at $200 folks


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