So the first image of Heath Ledger as The Joker from the upcoming Dark Knight film(sequel to Batman Begins) is finally finished after hundreds of thousands, if not millions, submitted their emails to contribute 1 freagin’ pixel to finish up the image… but by looking at the finished product, it’s worth the wait… so far, Warner Bros. is doing a fantastic marketing job to promote the film… there’s the teaser Batman page which showcases the new Batman logo, then the Harvey Dent campaign page and of course the interactive Joker page…….in addition, comic book store workers/owners in the United States are discovering hidden Joker cards all around their store with ‘HAHA’s and ‘I believe in Harvey Dent too’ stamped all over Warner managed to sneak them in without people noticing is a mystery to me but the fact of the matter is, they’re doing a good job *applause*



now, with regards to The Joker image… it’s jst plain creepy and disturbing… which is of course a good thing in this case…while it is obvious that Nolan is going for a darker look rather than a campy-ass clown, it is safe to say that he’ll still stay true to the Joker that we are familiar with… based on what I’ve seen so far, he will definately have green hair, he will wear a purple-ish suit.. but of course minus the permanent grin that Jack Nicholson had in the Tim Burton Batman (1989).. instead, as you can probably tell from the image above, it will be drawn over the scarring on his cheeks.. which is of course more appropriate since Nolan’s going for a realistic approach for this movie as he did in Batman Begins …as Heath Ledger once described when asked about what he’ll bring to his Joker… it’s gonna be less on his grin/smile, it’s more on the eyes….. and he did also mention that it’s gonna be like something from ‘Clockwork Orange’ so he’s probably gonna be potrayed as more towards a psychologically insane killer than a woop-dee-doo –‘Batman! I’m gonna punch u and then i’m gonna tie u up while spinning u around on a high-speed carousel ..*KAPOW!*’ – type of Joker..


3 Responses to “THE JOKER”

  1. N25 Says:

    no wonder you were scared. it’s creepy alright. but he’s gna make a hell of a joker! trauma ku ih

  2. shitsoil Says:

    imagine ya makai topi koboi dud~

  3. Road to the Dark Knight « Trylobyte’s Corner Says:

    […] May 2007 – Joker revealed […]

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