hdib1.jpg I’m just gonna post on Mario‘s latest video for his new single ‘How Do I Breathe’. Taken from his upcoming album entitled Go! (July 31st), the track was produced by non other than Stargate who are major players in the R&B game right now… with its infectious melodies and a sing-along hook, this track is a sure-to-be hit.. and the video with the ‘my world is turning upside down (in this case literally) without you here by my side’ concept jst adds more umph to it… based on the other leaked tracks that I’ve listened to so far, this album may be one of the R&B record to make it big this quarter… InsyAllah, I’ll probably do a review on GO! when it finally comes out


4 Responses to “GO!”

  1. dee Says:

    mcm hot saja vid nya atu.. hehehe

  2. touched Says:

    bulehh nyaman lagu nya ani.. cam sedih ku jua… touching! i certainly have already asked myself..how do i breathe? haiiiyy.. cinta cinta..

  3. shitsoil Says:

    dee: BELI YANG ORIGINAL! … coz I won’t…..haha

    tocuhed: Victoria? is that you? haha.. jst too deep man~

  4. touched Says:

    awuw yo.. too deep.. haiyss… 😦 kweeengggg~ life is just life.

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