songkok1.jpg I’ve been listening to Adibah Noor‘s rendition of Hujan from the movie Mukhsin on my winamp tonight…her soothing vocals alongside the keroncong music backing her up never fails to relax me after every listen….dunno what it is about the song, but it jst makes me want to pasang my songkok, smoking a self-rolled ciggy while running around in my songket chasing ayam kampung……. ok, maybe not.. but u gta admit, it does have that P. Ramlee/kampung-ish vibe to it…


speaking of Mukhsin, I personally have not seen the movie but knowing that it is a  Yasmin Ahmad-helmed film and having enjoyed her previous releases which includes Sepet and Gubra (*her next project being Muallaf) , I’m sure it doesn’t disappoint… Mukhsin is an international award winning film (winning 2 awards at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival) which tells a simple story of young love between a 10 year old girl named Orked and  a 12 year old boy named Mukhsin… the movie tagline says it all – “Everyone has a first love story to tell..”

G’nyt folks…..Assalamualaikum


3 Responses to “Black/White”

  1. Selly Says:

    ani panya kaja ko tadi shadi. hmph! biar ya. go check out my friendster. geram hati ku ashadi!

  2. shitsoil Says: Seeeel~~~ this was 1:34 ‘AM’ keeh~ when i woke up~ essh~

  3. abiya Says:

    hehhe… macam MAWI….

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